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8 Genuine Ways To Keep In Touch On Social Media

Social media has given us a way to connect with people you have never met offline; those from our past we never would have been able to before; meet others from around the world that we wouldn’t otherwise; and even keep in touch with those in our lives we’d like to see more, but don’t have the time to.

8 Genuine Ways To Keep In Touch On Social Media

It sounds like a miracle technology, and in many ways it is. (As the one running business from overseas for more than 5 years without ever meeting my business partners and employees, I can definitely say it is a miracle!)

But how do you keep in touch on social media more effectively? How can you be genuine from behind a computer screen? Here are eight tips to help you out.

#1. Comment On Photos

Comment On Photos

Best network for that: Facebook

Photos are nice to comment on, showing your contacts that you are both watching and remaining a part of their real lives.

#2. Support Career Changes

Support Career Changes

Best network for that: LinkedIn

One of the most stressful and exciting choices a person can make is to change careers. Offer some support, but make sure you are doing it the right way. For example, if someone is suddenly listing themselves as a freelancer or consultant, tread with caution. They might have lost their job, and congratulating them on what they are doing to make ends meet until they find a new one won’t look good.

#3. Give a (Genuine) Happy Birthday

Give a (Genuine) Happy Birthday

Best network for that: Facebook

All social sites let you know when a birthday is coming up. But a generic “Happy B-Day!” on their wall doesn’t mean much, and if this is someone you want to be more in tune with, it requires more. Offer a more sincerely written message, perhaps with a memory you have of them, or an offer to go out and do something together, or give them a call.

#4. Comment On Profile Photo Or Bio Changes

Comment On Profile Photo Or Bio Changes

Best network for that: Twitter via Bio Is Changed

There is a tool out there now called Bio Is Changed. Whenever someone you follow on Twitter changes with info, you get an alert. That way you can comment on it as quickly as possible. You might not need that direct of a method, but saying something on someone’s profile is always appreciated regardless.

#5. Tag Them Where Appropriate

Tag Them Where Appropriate

Best network for that: Twitter and Google Plus

Did something you found online remind you of someone on your list? Let them know with a tag or @mention. It will come up in their notifications and draw them to the post. Plus show them that you are thinking of them. Just don’t tag them randomly, for no reason, or in a mess of others as though you were just selecting random friends.

#6. Avoid Sending Game Invites

Avoid Sending Game Invites

If someone wants to play a Facebook game, they will already be playing it. Sending game invites automatically makes you “that guy”, and no one likes that guy. Or at least they don’t like the notifications that come from that guy.

In fact, it’s a good idea to limit your page updates also 🙂

#7. Share Their Posts

Did they say something funny? Post something interesting on their wall? Tweet a link you enjoyed? Then share it with the rest of your list! Sharing someone’s content is an effective way of showing you appreciate what they have to say, or their opinion on what is worth posting.

#8. Take Things Offline

Seriously, go get a cup of coffee, or something. You will be glad you did, and it is the best way to help a relationship grow. Whether professional or personal, face to face is always good.

Have any tips for interacting with people on social media? Let us know in the comments.

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Ann Smarty is an experienced blogger and entrepreneur running a lot of projects including Viral Content Buzz and TekSocial. She is also community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann Smarty is the serial guest blogger running My Blog Guest, the free guest blogging and content sharing platform.

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  • Some very interesting points Ann. I do most of them except for #4. And I guess the most important one is #8. Sometimes we take the company we have for granted. But when you start working form home etc. you realize how much you miss it.

  • Thank you, Ann. Genuine comments on posts are always welcome. It feels good to know someone is listening.

  • Ivana Zuber

    Thanks Ann for this post. I especially found your #5 tip useful. I always forget to tag people in my posts – people who are either directly related to it, or who I know would benefit from reading it. I will keep that one in mind!

  • Guest

    Really enjoyed this rundown. I`d say that the most valuable ones are #5 & #7 since they both “feature” the person you want to keep in touch with.

  • I have to check out “bio is changed” tool. I like the off-line meetup tip. You could do that in a genuine way via Foursquare. I checked in at a coffee place (when I was leaving) and then a friend commented on my status update and said she was nearby. I called her on her mobile and we had a nice meeting! 🙂

  • Hi Ann, great list. Possibly add one more to the list and that is give customers a present with real value. Starbucks recently launched ‘Tweet a Coffee’ ($5 gift card – and txtMovies launched ‘Tweet a Movie’ ($1.99 Redbox movie –

    Tweeting coffee or movies will certainly show a customer that you appreciate them.

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