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Top 10 Tips For Guest Blogging

If you are into guest blogging you should know the best practices to follow in order to get the most out of your writing. These ten tips about best guest blogging practice will give you an advantage in getting a higher approval rate for your guest blog submissions.

 Top 10 Tips For Guest Blogging

#1. Write impressive original and fresh content

While different guest blog sites may differ in terms and conditions, there is one golden rule that is common to all of them – that is submitting only original and fresh content to their site. Use fresh ideas and write anything relevant to current trends to make your content significant to your readers. Make your content more authentic by using anti-plagiarism tools to ensure that it is original.

#2. Communicate with the guest blog site moderator

In order to enhance the chances of getting your guest blog accepted it is important to communicate with the guest blog site moderator and suggest what you are going to write. In order to make an impressive proposal, provide the moderator with an insight about your topic with a suggested title and what to expect from the content and how it can become relevant to their readers.

#3. Set your own guest blogging objectives

You can write your content better if you have a defined guest blogging objective as it will help you to focus on how to write the content. Your objectives should consist of identifying your niche and the purpose for your guest blogging. This will help you draw out better content that will meet your website ranking objectives.

#4. Read and follow the guest blog site instructions accurately

Guest blog sites set forth their own distinct terms and conditions which serve as guidelines for their guest bloggers. Make sure to read and follow them accurately because the guidelines are provided for a reason. If they give a number of links that can be included in your author biography and content, stick to that number.

#5. Drop the sales talk

Guest blog sites are not channels for direct advertising of your business. Advertising your business is a big NO amongst these sites and as a guest blogger you should give due respect to this when you are submitting a post. You can indirectly promote your site through your author biography or possibly using the proper anchor text inside your content body if allowed, but it is essential to practice the etiquette of dropping the sales talk in your content in an effort to promote your website ranking.

#6. Observe proper search engine optimization practices

Guest blog sites will appreciate whenever their contributors can deliver high quality content that is fully optimized for search engines. This helps to boost their website ranking while it also helps in promoting your link building marketing tactics as well. Observe the proper use of title tags, content description, using anchor texts and keywords.

#7. Practice the use of the no follow link 

While it is a good to direct your readers to other sites that can help supplement the information that you want to deliver to them, too many links to your content can appear as spam. In order to avoid getting your guest post getting rejected by the moderator, use the no follow link which is good guest post practice that will enhance the value of your content without making it a red flag of spam to the search engine.

#8. Get into the habit of engaging with your readers

Guest blogging is not a single-step process. It doesn’t end once your post gets approved by the moderator. You have a better chance of getting better exposure of your guest post whenever you engage with your readers like starting a conversation thread or answering comments.

#9. Be an expert about your subject matter

As Google’s Matt Cutts has said, it is necessary to make yourself an expert or an authority on the subject matter of your blog post. Most of the time the search engines are not too concerned about your keyword content but more on the quality of your article content, gauging its originality and uniqueness for ranking.

#10. Love what you do 

This is perhaps the best thing that you can do when guest blogging. When you love what you do and you show passion about what you write, you will be surprised on how spontaneous the content flow becomes which brings in more soulful value to your guest post.

Have you any tips to share for guest blogging?

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Nisha Pandey is a professional writer and SEO expert. She writes for DeleteBacklink and loves to share about SEO, marketing, social media and mobile ecommerce.

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  • Hi Nisha & welcome to Tweak Your Biz. As the former editor here, I can say that your tips are perfect for anyone who wants to get their guest posts published with the least amount of fuss. As regards objectives, I think the primary one when it comes to guest blogging needs to be about positioning oneself as a subject matter expert, and not getting links. Thanks for a great
    first post.

  • Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Nisha and a great first post. Niall being the former, I’m the current editor and I agree with all your tips but especially no.’s 4, 8 & 9. And guest bloggers won’t last long – or even be accepted – if all they are there for is links out. Make your posts quality content and that is far better networking. I look forward to your next post.

  • I think most guest bloggers struggle with the second point. I run quite a few blogs and I get lots of guest blogging requests. So I promptly delete anything that says “Hi Admin”, “Hi Webmaster” etc. They might have the best stuff but if they don’t bother to find out my name when contacting then it’s hard to expect thoughtful relevant content from them.

  • Nice post and to the point Nisha! Guest posting is about being a guest and contributing value to the host. But this is too often forgotten in the quest to pursue “links” and exposure.

  • ‘Love what you do’. Thanks for making it to the last part, that was a perfect reminder. Sometimes I get too preoccupied with so many emails and to do’s that I forget this simple principle in writing, that we basically write for people, that it shouldn’t be just a one way conversation, that everything shouldn’t just be about the logical things rather soulful thoughts for our readers.

  • Juned Ahmed

    Nice post, If you follow all this 10 steps than you can run successful guest posting campaign.

  • Thanks everybody and sorry for the late response. As i was out of town since some days.

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