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3 Tips For Using Text-Message Marketing To Reach Clients

In an age where everyone is inundated by mountains of information (spam emails, highway billboards, push notifications, etc.), it’s tough for marketers to find a niche where they can fight through the noise and resonate effectively with consumers. However, in recent years the use of text messaging (or SMS) has grown in marketing circles — and for good reason. It’s essentially the one channel that people are 100 percent attached to and won’t likely ignore. So we thought we’d highlight some key tips and strategies for reaching people effectively on their phones.

3 Tips For Using Text-Message Marketing To Reach Clients

#1. Follow the Rules

The first tip isn’t as much about what to do, but what not to do. Much like email marketing, there’s a set of rules that go with text-message marketing. While email providers struggle to keep spam out of our inboxes, text-message providers have been much more successful at squashing spammers in their sphere — a fact you’ve probably noticed because you don’t currently receive that many spam text messages. That’s for good reason, because providers have a good deal of restrictions on text-message marketing.

If you receive a text message, you most likely assume that it’s from a friend or at least an acquaintance. When the message actually contains a marketing pitch, then you might find it frustrating. Here lies the reasoning behind text-message marketing to begin with. Most people look at texts carefully because they assume it’s relevant. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’re only texting someone whose number you got legitimately, otherwise you’ll find yourself the source of some major complaints.

#2. Effective Copy

A technique required for any medium of promotional messaging is to employ firm, effective standards of copywriting. That means a few things, but among them is that the message needs to be concise, to the point and focused on the reader’s benefit. Make sure you’re immediately answering the question, “why should I be reading this and what’s in it for me?”

For example, if you’re writing a promotional text for something like estimation software, you might lead with: “Want to know the materials and labor needed for your job at first glance? Well, check out this product.” While that might not seem compelling to everyone at first, it would definitely draw the attention of those who do need that information. Therefore, you’ve placed the benefit up front.

#3. Relevant and Sparse

As a request coming from the consumer side, keeping the messages in this medium relevant is of the utmost importance. You need to know the types of people you’re texting to know whether something is relevant to them. It’s important that you only collect texting phone numbers from your target audience. As in our example from above, this might be those working in the EMP field.

Our closing point here is to make sure that you plan accordingly for an appropriate amount of communication. As usual, this is important for any medium of promotional messaging, but consumers are much less forgiving in this medium for incessant and constant communication. Be sparse and wise about what you’re contacting your audience with. Make sure you only send your most important messages for this medium, so you don’t find your audience getting frustrated with tons of marketing texts. This will most likely cause them to request to be removed from your list.

If you have any more tips for using Text-Message marketing please share in the comments below.

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  • Hi Courtney, We don’t usually ignore text so as you have said, SMS can be extremely effective in reaching people. However, it can also be an area where marketers are at their lazy-est and when they are – I think you can make an argument that it can damage brands/companies. Thanks for the tips.

  • Hi Courtney,
    Your ideas are very good and relevant to the topic. Another interesting fact to mention about SMS is its increased usage not only for marketing purposes but also for operational efficiency. Of course there are a lot of opportunities to use SMS marketing especially in retail but there is also a big crowd of companies in the logistics and operations field who use text messaging for their staff. And I strongly believe that this is where the future of SMS lies.

  • Eric Bryant

    Great post Courtney! I agree with you in that your SMS message has to be short and consice. Remember you only have 160 characters to work with so it has to pack a punch.
    Eric Bryant

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