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The Real Reason Why People Don’t Care About Your Business Blog

Numerous business bloggers struggle with how to bring in targeted traffic to their blogs and how to get their readers to engage with them and their content. While many an article, ebook, and report has been written about the latest traffic and conversion tips, all promising to get bloggers out of this unproductive funk, if you want the no holds barred, honest-to-goodness truth about why your quality business blog is going nowhere, then read on.

The Real Reason Why People Don't Care About Your Business Blog

Many business bloggers are missing the mark with internet marketing

Even with all of the gobs of information and resources floating around, the formula behind successful Internet marketing seems elusive. A quick look at the successful A-list bloggers and online business owners in any given niche reveals that many of the people on top aren’t necessarily those who know the most about their subject. They don’t necessarily have the flashiest ads, the slickest websites, the most original ideas.

On the other hand, there are plenty of business bloggers out there who are social media savvy and producing quality content, yet they just aren’t seeing a payback from all their blogging and content creation. What gives?

Why should people care about your blog?

There are many scapegoats. But, what I find interesting is how many people suggest that the Internet is full of self-centered media guzzlers who won’t give you the time of day if you don’t knock them off their virtual feet with some outrageously good offer. Don’t assume that people are going to care about your blog, because they inherently won’t. They won’t care about your business either for that matter.

That’s a pretty harsh message if you ask me.

But, is this really the case? Should we assume that the whole Internet is made up of people who just don’t give a hoot? I’m not convinced.

Noise is the real problem

The real problem is that these days there’s a tremendous amount of noise clamoring for our attention, and as time goes by that noise level is getting louder. The result is that people have to work extra hard to zone in on the things that matter the most to them while the rest is shunted to some mind-numbing periphery. It’s a survival reflex.

So, where does that leave you as a blogger trying to market yourself and your business online?

Join in and engage to get attention

If you really want people to pay attention to your products and services, then you have to do more than just physically put yourself or your message in front of many eyeballs; you need to put yourself within the areas that these people are already focusing on, touch on the issues that they already care about, and do so in the language and mediums that they inherently respond to.

The truth is that many business bloggers fail simply because they don’t know how to properly join in on the conversations and engagement that already exists within their target market. They are just too busy trying to start conversations of their own. Instead of building a dialogue with an engaged and targeted audience, they are stuck in a persistent monologue with themselves.

Listen and learn

One of the most effective networking tips used by power networkers, is to get the other people speaking about themselves. Not only will you learn a lot about these people, but they will also feel more connected to you simply because they’ve already invested a part of themselves into the conversation.

In short, if you want your target market to truly care about your blog and the business behind it, then you first have to show that you truly care about the things that are important to them. Talking to yourself isn’t fun, and it certainly isn’t profitable, either.

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Susan Brown is a serial entrepreneur and business writer. You can find her blogging at Growing Your Biz, a site dedicated to micro business owners offering quality, curated resources, free business and accounting forms, and tips on building a successful, sustainable business- both online and off.

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  • Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Susan and a great first post. I remember hearing the word “blog” about 10 years ago and thinking what a strange word. Now it is used constantly and an awful lot in my conversations, being an editor and writer of such blogs. As you have suggested I think engagement is very important for Social Media and getting your blog seen. I look forward to your next post with us.

  • Thanks, Sian.

    Yes, building up reader engagement around your content is an extremely important part of Internet marketing. Blogging should be looked at like any other networking opportunity. If you go to an offline networking event and only want to talk about yourself or just stand in a corner waiting for people to come to you, you most likely won’t get very far.

    It’s the same way with creating content. The more you can use your content to leverage the conversations that are already happening, to even be on the listening end of it all, the more people may actually turn your way when you do speak up.

  • It’s easy to start a blog, but it’s hard to get people to read it. Many people think that it’s enough to write great articles, but they often learn the hard way that if you don’t promote your blog, all the effort will going to be useless.

  • Hi Ava,

    “People only don’t care if you don’t care.” Exactly! And that’s why it’s a shame that new business bloggers keep hearing the message, “No one cares… No one cares…” It’s totally the wrong approach.

    And I agree about blogs… you can really get a feel for the person and the business behind them in a way that just doesn’t happen in a magazine, and when it’s done right it can spur a valuable, free-flowing conversation that can be very hard to achieve offline.

  • Hi Barbara,

    True, except I know many, many bloggers who DO promote their content, and they STILL don’t have readers. To be a successful business blogger today, it’s more than just promotion….

    Think of it this way. It’s like buying an expensive billboard space that gets a ton of foot traffic and spending even more money creating a flashy advertisement and hardly seeing an increase in leads/sales. What happened?

    If that ton of traffic does not primarily consist of your target audience, or it does, but they are not the kinds of people who would respond to the kind of ad you put up, nor the call-to-action (if there even was one) that you included in it, then you just wasted your money.

    Sounds obvious, except this is exactly what many business bloggers do. Bottom line: it’s much easier to join in a conversation that’s already happening where your target audience is already paying attention and learn how to convert this audience then it is to start something up on your own.

  • derbhiledromey

    Very good advice. Thanks for the reminder to interact – it helps you rise above the noise.

  • Susan: Will you write a post on the real reason why people will care about your business blog?! 😉

  • “People only don’t care if you don’t care.” #truth

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