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4 Tips To Make Your Marketing Campaign Count With Keywords

There’s marketing, and then there’s marketing. If you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts, it’s vital to tailor it to your potential customer base. The point of a marketing campaign is to attract new customers and entice previous ones to return. In addition to knowing your customer base, it’s beneficial to know what they’re searching for.

A marketing team can help you determine this by studying your business’s demographics. Once you understand who you’re gearing your marketing campaigns to and how you can help consumers, you can start making your marketing count by using keywords purposefully.

4 Tips To Make Your Marketing Campaign Count With Keywords

The Why’s and How’s of Keywords in Marketing

Similar to the need for keywords in website content, the use of keywords in marketing helps consumers find your business blog posts, Facebook statuses and Tweets. Smart keyword use helps a website rise in the ranks of search results, and the same principle applies to social media marketing. If you’re marketing efforts aren’t producing the results you hoped for, it might be time to analyze your keyword usage. The following steps will assist you fine-tune keyword usage to increase marketing results.

# 1. Get specific with the topic

Increased use of social media by consumers has made keyword searches even more specific than they used to be. This means that you need to be specific on your end if you want your marketing efforts to lead savvy consumers back to your business. Instead of “summer dresses”, try “cotton floral summer dresses”.

# 2. Check out the competition

Once you’ve determined which keywords you’d like to use, plug them into a search engine and see what comes up in the results. By doing this you can see what the consumer will see and who you’ll be competing with. Take the time to check out the competition so you can come out ahead with your marketing.

# 3. Use keyword tools

Keyword tools, such as those made available by Google, will help you come up with variations on your keywords. Additionally, tools such as these show you how many people search under each variation so you can maximize your results.

# 4. Analyze results

Once your keywords have been put to use, it’s time to see if they’re helping you produce the desired results. Analysis will show you which keywords are driving traffic and which aren’t. Use this data to increase use of effective keywords and eliminate those that aren’t boosting your marketing efforts.

Marketing with a Focus

When you create your marketing campaign with specific keywords in mind, you’ll find that you feel guided by those keywords. Your marketing efforts will become more focused and directed, resulting in specific action on the part of the consumer.

Ambiguous social media marketing may appeal to a wider audience, but it won’t tap into the specific interests and needs that drive sales. As you appeal to the specific demands of your potential customer base, you’ll find that more of the consumers visiting your website or store are converting to paying customers.

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  • Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Lucy and a great first post. It’s surprising the power of effective keyword use has and I’m sure people don’t use them properly half of the time. I look forward to your next post

  • kingofcontent92

    Yes of course!, keywords is the major factor to gain more traffic. And to be more effective unto it, long tail keyword I think is. Specific, accurate and high conversion rate. You can also got more engagement using long tail keyword.

  • Lucy

    Thank you for the warm welcome Sian, very pleased to be on board Tweak Your Biz 🙂

    Ava couldn’t agree more, tedious keyword repetition is definitely wrong, always write for your readers first and then consider keywords to aid the search user in knowing where to find you.

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