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Top 10 Tips Before Implementing Marketing Automation Into Your Business

What is marketing automation? Marketing automation is a category of software. It streamlines, automates and measures marketing tasks. It can help operate marketing tasks more efficiently.

Marketing Automation isn’t just for large companies, SME’s are also using it as well. B2B and B2C businesses are using marketing automation to help nurture, maintain and extend customer relationships.  It can also help with ROI measurement.

Top 10 Tips Before Implementing Marketing Automation Into Your Business

Some of the features that I have been using are:

  • email marketing
  • landing pages
  • lead generation
  • social marketing
  • and marketing analytics

Scoring and maintaining leads can help marketers do more with limited resources. The marketing automation technology can help you do this by automating the leads that you gather and help maintain them. Without the help of lead scoring and analytics all leads look similar.

Instant email

A great deal of your leads will not be sales ready when they convert on your website or landing page. An instant email should be sent to these leads and they should be put on a nurturing track. This will enable you to further qualify your leads but also free up marketing personnel who in earlier times did this task manually.

Landing page

Your landing page is crucial for your marketing and sales process because there are four diverse groups of people who will interact with your landing page that I have listed in order below:

  1. Visitors that leave within 10 seconds of arriving at your landing page make up the vast majority of  viewers
  2. Visitors that may leave when they decide your landing page is not convincing them enough
  3. A quantity of visitors attempt to fill out your form but fail or give up and then drop off
  4. A small percentage of your visitors successfully convert and become leads.

Top 10 marketing automation tips

To help try and grab each of these 4 groups I will list my top ten tips to help boost the effectiveness of your landing page:-

  1. Keep your pages clean and branded – Viewers should know your landing page is a part of your website at a glance and identify what you are offering. For example, if you have a picture of yourself on the landing page. Have the same picture on all your social media platforms.
  2. Your landing page should have 1-1-1 rule – 1 call to action, 1 value proposition and 1 form. This should help keep your page simple and easy to navigate. Giving your viewers too much to read might be a bit overpowering and may result in them not doing what you want them to do.
  3. Keep forms short – This will help with visitors who aren’t fully committed to obtaining your information. All you really need is the name and email address. You’re more than likely going to have their company name or full name in their email address so you can do more research then.
  4. Keep visitors on your site – Prospects can easily get distracted and click away from your landing page, preventing you from collecting information. Once a form has been completed, you can display links to additional, relevant content to keep your visitors on your site. Maybe a blog post you have written to offer them something valuable.
  5. ‘Content is king’ – Instead of attacking prospects with a series of ads and direct mail, attract them by creating useful and interesting content that is relevant to their interests. Customers have a lot of choice and can be picky if they want by having good content can help motivate conversions.
  6. Use landing pages and forms to provide a variety of different pieces of content – white papers, products trials and contact forms. This can help you collect information from prospects in all different stages of the buying process. Have freely accessible content on your website also. On each page of your website you can have a link to a blog post with a relevant topic your are talking about on that page, this will provide the viewer with more information on the product or service you are offering.
  7. Don’t lose track of a prospect after a form is filled out – The best way it to present the content in a tracked email. Use a program that monitors visitors actively on your site, you will be able to see if the prospect opened the email, clicked on the link and how much time they spent reviewing the content.
  8. Validate email addresses -Sending emails can also allow you to eliminate prospects that may not be serious by determining if they provided you with a false email. With most marketing automation software you will be able to validate email addresses to make sure they are real.
  9. Progressive profiling – Progressive profiling is an interesting way of collecting additional data points from your prospects. You can designate secondary fields called conditional fields which only appear if the prospect has completed your basic form. Progressive profiling allows you to build your relationship with a prospect naturally over time.
  10. Test your landing page – A/B testing can help you continuously improve your landing page. The marketing automation platform you will use can do this for you. If you aren’t getting enough traffic, examine two different designs for your landing page. Testimonials and companies you’ve worked for are a good way to make your page more reputable. Try not to make these testimonials anonymous and also have a picture of the person who gave the testimonial.

A good landing page is crucial for converting site visitors into leads. Your landing page should be highly focused. Think about your prospect and what you want him or her to do. Then design your landing page around that prospect.

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Melissa is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Tenego Partnering in the National Software Centre in Cork. Melissa is also undertaking her masters in Marketing Practice at the Cork Institute of Technology. The masters programme is focused on the aspect of 'learning by doing'. SMEs and large corporations present Melissa and her fellow students with the problems they are facing mainly being digital marketing at this present time. This has prompted Melissa to start writing a blog on key issues in digital marketing.

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  • Hi Melissa, I think keeping forms short and keeping visitors on your site after they have completed are two key points. Thanks for a great overview.

  • Elish Bul-Godley

    Another excellent resource -thank you for the one pager of essential tips – I can see this streamlinin gmany an emailmarketing campaign now

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  • Ravisharan Varma

    Thanks for the great tips. My 2 cents are to actually choose your right tool and have an idea of you to scale when things gather momentum. Found a post with similar thoughts and a couple of extra ones here
    Thanks and keep up the great content.


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