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Finding The Right SEO Consultant To Help Nail A New Product Launch

A great SEO consultant can help your business become an Internet authority. All SEO consultants are not created equal, however, and Internet scammers abound. When launching a new product, it’s important to understand your business’s unique SEO needs, hire the right consultant, and communicate effectively to achieve the best possible business results.

Finding The Right SEO Consultant To Help Nail A New Product Launch

The benefits of hiring an SEO consultant

You only have one shot to launch a new product successfully, and a good SEO consultant can be the difference between your product’s victory or a complete crumble. An expert consultant will ensure that you have a strong product-related online presence.

This includes areas such as the crawlability of your website and its content, improving conversion rates, elevating your online reputation, and positioning your product to ensure visibility among your target audience. An SEO consultant will also help you optimize the content within your website and develop a strong linking strategy from influential websites related to your product.

Understanding your business’s SEO needs

When launching a new product, it’s important to create awareness of your product and bring pre-qualified traffic to your website. You also need to identify your target audiences and promote your brand. Hiring a consultant to develop and implement an SEO strategy will help you accomplish your objectives by carrying out specific tactics.

You can bring in more traffic and increase awareness by creating online press releases, publishing guest posts on authoritative blogs in your industry, engaging in social media outreach, encouraging social sharing, and using your website’s existing SEO strength to help boost information about the new product. A good SEO consultant will know which tactics offer the most benefits to your individual business.

Choosing the right SEO consultant

During a launch, take the time to research and understand the capabilities of the SEO consultants you’re considering. This will help you discern the gougers from the gurus.  Check out online reviews of the companies, and don’t hesitate to ask the SEO consultant questions to see if his specialties and capabilities match your business needs.

Some good questions to ask include:

  • What do you plan to use as key performance indicators for the success of your SEO efforts and why?
  • What information do you need from me to make our efforts a success?
  • Can you provide references from past and current clients?
  • When our contract ends, am I still privy to the work you have done with my website (e.g., keeping links)?
  • What will your deliverables be, and how will you report progress?

If the consultant cannot answers these questions easily, you should probably consider other options.

Communicating with your consultant

It’s important to continually communicate with your consultant. An SEO consultant will understand how online marketing channels operate and how to leverage the opportunities for exposure and traffic, but they may not have a similar level of domain knowledge about your industry.

It’s crucial to provide information about your business goals, your target markets, the trends happening within your industry, and facts about your competitors. With this information, your consultant will be able to develop SEO strategies tailored to your unique business goals.

Launching a new product can be stressful, and the digital space is fraught with potential pitfalls and opportunities for big profits. By working with an expert SEO consultant, you will ease your pre-launch anxiety and experience greater product success.

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  • Choosing the right SEO consultant, on the other hand, will elevate traffic on your site especially when you are launching a new product. SEO allows your web page to be more visible in search engines. Thanks for sharing this tips.

  • Joe Pawlikowski

    “Can you provide references from past and current clients?”

    The problem with this is most SEO work is done under the umbrella of non-disclosure agreements. That leaves many consultants talking in generalities out of necessity. The larger the client, the more ironclad the NDA (usually), so oftentimes you won’t hear about a particular SEO’s greatest successes.

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