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Why Telecommuting Employees May Be Just What Your Business Needs

Working from home has become more popular than ever. According to a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 24 percent of Americans work at least part of their hours from home. Many of them aspire to work all of them outside of the traditional office.

People who work from home traditionally enjoy less stress, more freedom, and better job satisfaction than those who don’t. While it’s obvious what draws the workers to this type of arrangement, employers need to consider the benefits of telecommuting for their company.


Decreased Overhead

Business overhead can vary greatly depending on the type of company you’re running. One expense that having telecommuting employees can save is office space. There’s no need to lease a big office for your crew if they work from home. In fact, if you’re running a service based company, you can even telecommute from your own home office.

Some businesses don’t necessarily lend themselves to a no-office setup. You may still need certain staff on site. For example, if you have walk-in customers, you may need a customer service representative to come in each day. However, you can still decrease your office space budget by instituting telecommuting for other staff like your marketing associate or your bookkeeper.

Better Choice of Talent

Ever wonder how areas like Silicon Valley and Hollywood became known as the capitals of their industries? It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation in that it’s hard to figure out whether it’s because the companies grew  among the large amounts of talent in the area or whether the talent came to the area because of all the companies already located there. However hotbeds of talent came to be, if your company isn’t located near one of your industry, you may find yourself with a limited pool of employees with the right skills to choose from.

If you allow telecommuting, you can hire employees outside of your physical area to lend their talents to your company. Suddenly, your choices are worldwide. If the best person for the job is located in Rio, no need to convince them to move their lives to Poughkeepsie or to pay for relocation expenses. Instead, you just have to hire them and let them do their thing from across the planet.

Happier Employees

One of the most  overlooked benefits of having telecommuting employees is that you will likely have happier employees. Research shows that commute time is a major factor in how satisfied employees are with their careers. Workers are also concerned with balancing work with personal pursuits like expanding their hobbies. Working mothers are especially concerned with ways to balance making a living and raising their families.

If you allow telecommuters a telecommuting option in your company, you’re more likely to have a workforce that has an ideal commute, has time for personal pursuits, and can balance family with work. Happier employees are more loyal to your company and less likely to be poached by other companies. It will be obvious in interactions between employees. It will bleed over into their interactions with clients. And it will make your company better overall.

Do you telecommute or have telecommuting employees? Please let me know your thoughts below.

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  • Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Richard – and a great first post. I’m a huge advocate for working from home as I have done for over 10 years now. I have thought of a few reasons why it would be beneficial to the business too however you’ve have even more great suggestions. Thank you for sharing them with us. Looking forward to your next post

  • Hi Richard,
    I’ve worked as a telecommuter and have worked in teams with them with no complaints. The arrangement won’t work with every business, but, for those where it will, the pluses generally far outweigh the minuses.

  • I have clients come to me that struggle with this very concept. It mostly comes down to time management, general job satisfaction and ability to manage oneself when surrounded by distractions in the home or home office.
    Telecommuting is not for everyone, or every type of business. For those that can get a handle on their own self-management – the rewards are 10 fold. The benefits to both employee and employer go beyond basic cost and time savings, and it’s a win-win!
    From a teleworkers point of view, a dedicated space is important to be able to separate working tasks and working time from personal tasks and personal time.

    Welcome to TYB Richard

  • It does take a bit of getting used to and you need to be disciplined. Some people end up working longer or more irregular hours but that gives them a little more freedom in their personal life too so it definitely pays off. One you have a structure in place though chances are your virtual employees will be more constructive, you don’t realise how many interruptions there can be in an office until you’ve moved away from it.

  • Glanna Valiao

    Five years into telecommuting and I can honestly say that I’ve never regretted it one bit. I get to spend more time with my family and I saved a lot of money. I agree with the self-discipline part, slacking off or overworking is something that an employee can never get away from. Because of the freedom and flexibility, I decided to use time tracking tool called Worksnaps – Telecommuting is great but sometimes it’s all about using the right kind of tool to make sure that work-life balance is restored.

  • Nikko

    I’ve always preferred the freedom that comes with working away from the office, away from office politics to snooping officemates and the traditional office uniforms. I find that I am more productive the more I am given the freedom to perform. What better way to accomplish this than to work at a home office and enjoy its comforts at the same time. Time management and project management are important too, so when I work for a client I use time tracking apps like hubstaff as my reporting and monitoring tool. I’ve been comfortable using it and it’s not too intrusive. You can find this app at

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