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Tweak Your Biz TV Talks With Beatrice Whelan, Social Media & Content Specialist At Sage Ireland

Just over a year ago Beatrice Whelan left her own business “Website Extraordinaire” to take on the role of Social Media & Content Specialist at Sage Ireland. She tells Tweak Your Biz TV what she has learnt in that year and how small businesses and B2B’s can monitor and measure their social media strategy.

Beatrice Whelan Sage Ireland

When Beatrice Whelan took on the role as Social Media & Content Specialist with Sage Ireland just over a year ago her biggest challenge was how to do B2B and accounts software in an interesting way on Facebook and other social media channels. I talked to Beatrice about the challenges she has faced, what works for her, the monitoring tools she is using and what her goals have been.

Here’s some of her key points:

  • Be where your customer is. Sage is on Facebook because small business owners have pages on Facebook, if the customer is there they should be too.
  • Sage Ireland’s strategy has been to give their Facebook followers genuinely useful content that they can use in their businesses.
  • On Facebook they used live chats to engage with business owners. They invited business owners to ask questions on a particular subject such as business planning and social media  to experts in the field.
  • They use Sysomos to monitor social media mentions and return on investment. They chose it as it’s good value for money and does everything they needed it to do.  It alerts the team whenever Sage or it’s products are mentioned online allowing them to respond when necessary. Also allows them to measure share of voice.
  • It’s easy to measure ROI if at the beginning you set goals and decide what they want to achieve. Sage is very web focused with it’s social media so they use Google Analytics to measure web traffic to landing pages and resulting sales.  They use their social media monitoring to measure share of voice.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

  • Beatrice’s top tip: Before thinking about what your social media strategy is think about what your content strategy is. How will you, as a business, add value to your customers?  By sharing genuinely useful content with them. If you were them what would you like to see shared on Facebook and Twitter?

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Hi I'm Amanda, a social media consultant and trainer who loves blogging. I work with small and medium sized businesses to help them develop social media strategies that work. I really enjoy developing my marketing and social media skills. I also love cats, cycling and cakes.

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  • Great job, ladies! Interesting to hear details of a B2B business doing so well with social media.

  • ElliStGeorgeGodfrey

    Informative interview with loads of tips! I’ll check out Twilert for one.

    Your tip about setting up your content focus areas might be the best one! I recently focused my content areas and strategy and have seen more people contacting me to learn about my services as well as increased traffic to my site. This makes identifying where I want to spend my social media time more straightforward.

  • Wow – sounds like Beatrice knows her stuff!!
    Great interview Amanda, and lots of tips there for small businesses. Her top tip about content makes so much sense, now that I read it in black and white!

  • “Be where your customer is” is the “P” in the P.O.S.T media plan I am using for my consultation service. The acronym is coming from the Groundswell book. Is “Website Extraordinaire” still around?

  • Hi and thanks for the comment. Website Extraordinaire is no more, I closed the business just before I joined Sage in 2011. Having ran my own business for a year I have great admiration for all business owners, it is definitely one of the most challening things you can do in life.

  • Great article on designing a website for mobile devices.Thanks for the article it helped me in completing my research

  • Kimber Johnson

    Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

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