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What Do Link Builders Actually Do?

‘What do link builders actually do?’ This question caught me off guard during the week. It caught me off guard so much that I replied  ‘Eh…well they build links to websites.’ Probably not my finest moment. In fact building links to your website is pretty straight forward but it does involve hard work and patience.

Link building

Here are 5 common link building strategies that anyone can try:

# 1. Blogging – Value: high, Difficulty: high

People link to and share content that they have found useful and that they think will be useful to their audience. Usually a companies ‘About Us’ page will not fall into this category. By hosting a blog on your website you have a platform to publish new content easily whenever you like. If this content is original and useful enough it will generate links providing that the right audience have access to it.

This is the the tricky part but there are things you can do to make the process easier such as:

  • Submit your blog Alltop, Technorati and BlogEngage
  • Submit your latest posts to BizSugar
  • Share your posts through social media
  • Share, comment and link out to other bloggers

# 2. Guest Blogging – Value: high, Difficulty: moderate

Guest blogging shouldn’t be used purely for the purpose of link building however it can allow you to link back to your own site as well as reaching a new audience and making connections. To find guest blogging opportunities in your niche Google phrases such as ‘write for us [industry niche]’ or use services like MyBlogGuest.

# 3. Online Press Releases – Value: moderate, Difficulty: easy

Online press releases are an easy way to build  links back to your site. You’ll get a link from the website that distributes the link and from whatever website pickup on the press release online. If you use a quality service and take the time to write a really good release the  online pickup will be greater and you’ll get more links.

# 4. Ask For Links – Value: moderate, Difficulty: easy

This is a really easy one but is often overlooked.

  • Make a list of all of your business relationships whether they are suppliers, clients or partners.
  • Now take a look at their websites and see if there’s any way they could link to you.
  • This will sometimes involve giving something in return such as a testimonial or a reciprocal link.

Another quick win is to make sure that you have a link from any organisation you’re a member of such as the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, IIA, BNI etc.

# 5. Build Relationships – Value: high, Difficulty: high

This is really the key to successful link building. The more people you know online, the more people who are likely to link to your content. The better you know them, the more likely they are to link to you. You build relationships by engaging with others online, sharing their content, commenting on their blogs and linking out to them.

Have you any other link building suggestions?

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Dave Dungan is an SEO Consultant with Vroom Digital who are an Internet Marketing company based in Dublin. Prior to that he worked as a freelance SEO consultant and web developer for a number of companies. He has a wide range of experience in web development, SEO, online marketing and social media.

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  • One idea is to reply to Blogs like this with a url like in them. Even though it will get a no follow tag on it – sometimes it still gets counted. Have a nice day!

  • Hi Nishadha, thanks for the feedback.

    The reason why I think it’s more difficult is that blogging requires you to create great content and to build and leverage relationships in order to earn links. Even after you’ve done this there is no guarantee people will link back to you.

    Usually with guest blogging once you can create good content and reach an agreement with the publisher you’ve done enough to include your article with a link back in the bio. This process is generally easier because there are always people who require content for their sites.

  • Useful summary for new link builders and for businesses looking to hire one.

    I always tell these to small business owners: building many links is easy but building quality links is hard. For example, there are tons of not-so hardworking bloggers out there that most of their blog content consists of crappy 500 words guest written articles that were submitted just to get a couple of links and there are also high quality blogs with huge followings that only accepts high quality guest posts that adds value to the community around the blog. The value of links coming them are obviously different.

  • A number of excellent points and it’s nice to see that “Directory / Social Bookmarking” seems to be falling off a number of “link building tips” lists.

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