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Guest Blogging, Matt Cutts And Your Blog

If you’re even remotely interested in search engine optimization it is a good idea to follow what Matt Cutts say in his blog and webmaster videos. As the head of Google’s web spam team he has great influence on the Google ranking algorithms. This is why I was very interested to see the latest webmaster help video which shed some light on guest blogging for link building. Take a look, its a very short video.


Guest blogging is a great way to build your authority and get known in your niche. It is also a great way to get links from some very high quality blogs. But with Google cracking down on article marketing websites and low quality directories, guest blogging is looking like an attractive link building method for link builders.

I’m not talking about great writers who want to build their reputation or website owners who want to promote their products while providing great value to readers. But the writers who add low quality content that just about passes the minimum requirements for a guest post.

Guest Blogging is More Organized Than You Think

This is a very tricky situation for web masters and bloggers too. They know that Google favors websites that constantly produces fresh content, but very few have the time to publish great content every day. So when someone comes and offers them content for a back link it’s getting very hard to say no.

As a blog owner and a freelance consultant I manage quite a few blogs and I get guest post pitches everyday. What I have noticed is that in the last few months it has grown into a very organized method of link building. If you have one blog you might not notice this, but if you manage a few you might notice the same writer pitching you different guest posts.

Guest blogging

How to Save Your Blog

As I said earlier it is more organized and they are very persistent with their pitches. Here are few tips to make your life a bit easier.

  • Do not add them in Google talk or Google Plus – As soon as they get your email address they will add you in Google+ or talk. You might think this makes it easier to communicate and get the job done quickly, but more often than not you will get blasted with topic ideas. Also you will constantly get asked whether you reviewed the post or when you’re going to publish it etc.
  • Copyscape proof is not good enough – One of the constantly mentioned things in pitch emails. And often they will pass Copyscape. But often they will rewrite some original article by changing a few things. This is common in list type guest posts. For example five ways to increase Twitter traffic and be written again and again by rearranging the order and changing a few lines.
  • Do not link to unrelated websites – Casino, gambling and porn websites are obvious and easy to say no. But if you’re a technology site and linking to a dating site then that is also a problem. Sometimes it is okay within the context but you have to be very careful with it.
  • Do not edit for a fee – This usually happens if you have an authority blog above PR4. Link builders know the value of such links and are willing to go the extra mile for it. If their article gets rejected for some reason they will offer you money to edit it and publish it yourself. Guest posts in PR4 sites are sold for 100-150$, so spending 50$ on the webmaster is not a bad deal for them.

Most people will realize and agree that you shouldn’t do any of the things mentioned above. But in your eagerness to get fresh content for your site and sometimes the monetary incentives can make your forget these facts. Never do that, because in the long run it will only hurt your blog.

Accepting guest posts in your site? Think guest posting will become ineffective like article marketing? Do share your thoughts in the comments and let me know.

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  • Smallbiztrends

    Thank you, Nishadha, for your insights.

    We are professional publishers and one of the many things we’ve learned is that it takes a lot of time to deal with guest authors. It actually takes double – sometimes triple – the time to deal with a string of new guest authors. That is why we are so picky here at TweakYourBiz and at Small Business Trends. We want only the best and only a relatively small number … top notch professionals who are motivated to develop a reputation for thought leadership and feel they have something to share.

    Read between the lines of any emails you get for guest posting requests. We get bombarded with people who just want a link, and if that seems the case, we turn them down. If a link is someone’s only goal, then invariably the quality is poor. And your site starts a steady downward spiral that leads nowhere good.

  • Nishadha

    Yes, it takes a lot of time especially if you want to maintain the standards while open to guest blogging. I’m actually thinking of charging a processing fee for ( like 5$ ) in some of the popular blogs just to discourage the free riders.

  • Martin Lindeskog

    Nishadha Silva: I look forward to hear about the reactions you get with your processing fee. Your blog post gave me some stuff to think about regarding accepting guest bloggers. I want to talk with you about the information in your bio. in the near future.

  • It probably is inevitable that some people would try to game guest posting to gain links for their sites. I have had experiences with guest posters sending me an edited version of their article even after I rejected it. It is becoming more and more difficult to regulate guest posting opportunities to your site.

    One solution that I think would help eliminate organized guest posting is to take away the guest post option on your site and instead of the writers reaching out to you, it will be you reaching out to them. Doing this at least lets you select which writer will get featured on your post. This is just my two cents to your interesting and thought-provoking post. 🙂

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