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Master Face-To-Face Marketing: 15 Sources Of Event Management Intelligence

You may be organizing an in-house event, trade fair or seminar as part of your current Marketing Plan.  Some of you may be participating in a trade show or convention as an exhibitor, sponsor or partner in the months to come. If so, tap into some great advice on how to maximize your presence and effectiveness in these face-to-face marketing opportunities. Read on to pick up on some key event tools out there.

WHY: Include Events in your Marketing Mix?

  • They deliver something no online experience can quite match up to: real in-the-flesh face-to-face meetings and marketing opportunities.
  • Events are multi dimensional, tactile and real-time forms of Experiential Marketing: the best way to let people sample your products and experience what you do in person.
  • Events give you space for inspiration and chance collaborations. When Online, you are deliberately looking and researching. In Real-world events, inspiration will hit you in the face even when you are not looking for or  don’t know what you’re looking for.
  • Not convinced? Here’s: 5 Reasons You Need To Meet In Person

HOW: To Get Started.

Most regions and countries have homegrown resources to help them. My favourites include:

 WHAT: Event Intelligence You Can Tap Into

The growing cross pollination between offline and online event marketing / on-site activity is a separate bible in itself. There are experts in the field that can help you get navigate through the cutting edge event planning technologies, applications or social media practices in the events sector.

People who need People…

Presentations and people skills are essential to maximising your presence at events. There are some coaching experts online with key insights on getting your message across.

Check the Suppliers

Companies in the business of providing display solutions or key suppliers to events organisers also do blogs advising you on the techniques and key things to remember when participating in trade events. Look at your local suppliers for advice too.

Off The Beaten Track

Thinking of doing something cutting edge, unique or targeting the Millennial market?

WHEN: Trying not to Clash & Publishing your Event

When holding an event especially if targeting an international audience in a B2B setting, be cognizant of current events globally and make sure you get seen in international directories and event calenders. A plethora of  online directories exist. Some of the more comprehensive portals include:

  • The largest directory of trade fairs, business exhibitions & trade shows, featuring 19000+ live trade events and 8100+ Organizers worldwide. They post post show reviews and press releases so you can research events to invest in. 
  • is an affiliate network for the business event industry; an event industry resource offering online services for two target segments: business event organisers and B2B websites.

 WHERE: Finding the Right Venue

  • offers 58,965 conference rooms in over 100 countries around the world. Event bookers can use the website for free and receive direct online quotes or send an enquiry to a number of venues for conferences. Their blog does give latest news on new venues ideas/trends and even tools by industry guest bloggers. For example:  Starbucks go after meetings market.

I hope this helps you tweak the events side of your business.

The key Marketing takeaway?  Events are real world experiental face-to-face marketing activities and  by their very virtue, require more focus on the following:

  • Your local environment vis a vis venues and travel arrangments
  • The events calender in your sector
  •  The people and presentation skills within your team
  • Thee new technologies and trends that make people sit up and notice your activity in a noisy marketplace.

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Where do YOU go for regular advice on running events? Or do you have some of your own tips to add?

Stay tuned as we explore some of these ideas in more detail with future blog posts..

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Elish Bul-Godley helps brands hone their marketing communications and establish a stronger online presence via Community Management, Copywriting and Content Marketing. Currently the primary marketing consultant for the Snap Ireland Group. She works with various SMEs, the guerrilla festival Bloom Fringe and traders. Her previous experience includes stints with digital and marketing agencies such as ebow and Rothco, as well as providing training sessions in content, social selling and social media. Also Co-Founder and creator of press accredited blog-zine Eurovision Ireland. Elish has also been a B2B Events professional with Retail Management, Visual Merchandising, Project management experience. Born in Singapore, now in Dublin having negotiated the associated cultural changes between east and west. Loves the odd shimmy as a belly-dance teacher and binges on Sc-ifi in her spare time.

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  • Epobrien

    Fab article Elish – combining offline and online marketing is so important for us all. And there’s no doubt that there’s an art to successful event management. You’re on to a winner here.

  • Thank you for the comment Eamonn – So important to stress the symbiotic nature between offline and online marketing and the fact that new technology does not mean less events, rather a more enhanced event experience with useful networking tools to follow through.
    Your  own work in providing helpful presentation and speaker training is also critical as people have to remember the additional skillsets that have to be cultivated when talking face to face as opposed to onscreen

  • Elish – what a fantastic article. I used to attend and organise our participation at tradeshows when I worked in corporate marketing. Everything you said resonated with me. I love your approach – the four Ws and H – it makes this article so well laid out.

    Events should really be part of a marketing mix – you’re right. You can’t beat it for the face to face interactivity.

    Well done on a great article.


  • Elishbul

    Appreciate the heartfelt comment. Yes I think the W and H approach helps as its daunting when you first broach any new event. It’s also daunting as new technologies and techniques demand we keep abreast of then events landscape and the expectations of delegates .

  • Elish – very solid research, pointers, proven techniques – in a word – priceless.  Many thanks.

  • Elishbul

    Thanks Warren and aww shucks. Its A few of my everyday basic tools – there’s definitely a seperate blog in each one of those headlines

  • A great article Elish 🙂
    One thing I focus a lot on when organising a face to face event (like a recent conference I co-hosted in Dublin) is to ensure there is no other similar event happening that day, especially nearby when seeking numbers to attend.
    It’s always a difficult one though, but needs to be addressed. At least with online events, people can pop in and out of multiple events (an issue in it’s own right)

    Thanks for including my Smart Solutions blog post on Rapport – but it’s not really rocket science, is it?? That video still cracks me up 🙂

  •  Cheers Elaine for the comment! Ooo You have just tempted me into researching more on the art of networking face to face on the event floor – I have one on the simmering on the stove, on the issue of Body Language at trade events. Interesting to note there aren’t that many blogs already on Rapport so yours was a very welcome addition!

  • Thanks for the mention Elish – being your fave means we are on the right track

  •  Appreciate the comment Julius, especially like the authenticity of your posts.

  • Yes indeed Barbara, #.7, do your own research, can also be the most difficult to get right. It is very important to be open to learning and not just hear what you want to hear. It is also important not to take any feedback on a personal basis – this can be very hard to do as most promoters are very committed to their business concepts.

  • Dana Smith

    Thanks to the opportunity

  • Sandra Ball

    Setting business goals is really important for every business and I agree that this step should be the first step for every business owner. Thanks for sharing this Tully!

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