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5 Ways To Benefit From Customer Video Testimonials

For any business owner looking to attract and convert more visitors, one sure way is to utilize and implement video testimonials from satisfied customers. When used properly, these videos will make your website more visually appealing (and sticky!).

# 1. Getting more exposure

In today’s social media society, visibility is vital to being a leader among your competitors. A few short video testimonials can draw quite a bit of attention, which often times will encourage your visitors to share your content with others on sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Not only will this help increase exposure across social media networks, it will also help your search engine rankings. This makes it easier for prospects to find your business, access your website and purchase your products and services.

# 2. Touching individuals in different ways

A video testimonial can easily answer a customer’s questions, almost acting as a visual form of a FAQ. This can provide both visual and audio reassurance of a company, its products, and its staff.

For some customers, a video testimonial adds credibility to the website and adds a personal, one-on-one experience.

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# 3. Linking your videos to your social media properties

Websites that also leverage social media pages for their business can reap the benefits of these videos testimonials by showcasing clips on YouTube and Facebook for a double-dose of visibility. This can be another strategy used to gain more followers and momentum online.

# 4. Displaying important information above-the-fold

Some visitors prefer quick information when they visit a web page. Most people don’t appreciate pages of content and dozens of confusing links to navigate through.

Video testimonials, if used properly, can summarize common questions about:

  • Pricing & billing;
  • Discounts;
  • Warranties;
  • The company’s return policy.

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# 5. Boosting credibility and putting your visitors at ease

Not only will these video testimonials serve as a visual source of information, but they also have the ability to put potential customers at ease. If a visitor has never used your company’s product or services before, this can boost your credibility and make them feel comfortable buying into your offering or simply reaching out directly for more information.

What about you? Do you have any success stories where you benefited greatly by leveraging customer video testimonials?

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Sean Rosensteel is the Head of Business Development at Bravo Video, which enables businesses to capture video from customers, users and fans - right over the web.

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  • Hi Sean, welcome to TYB and thanks for a great first post – For me, video testimonials are that much more effective over written testimonials. I like the fact that I can almost look the person in the eye! 🙂

  •  Thanks for the opportunity, Niall.  I’m looking forward to writing some more content around this subject in the very near future!

  • Video captures sound, picture, the written word and emotion. It appeals to each type – whether people like to read at leisure, watch moving imagery or tap in at an emotional level. The emotion is important, I feel, as it adds an extra dimension to one way communication. 

    With video there is the added benefit of facial expresion, body language and tonality to reach out to your audience, it shows you are human, and can help demonstrate passion for your business/product.

    Informative that videos can be, they are also a great connector. Of course, not to take away from the power of great words written, or blow your mind imagery. As well, there is a lot of buzz now about the necessity to add video to websites, blogs etc – the last frontier of social networking as we know it.

    Great post Sean, welcome to Tweak Your Biz, I am currently working on adding video to my bag of tricks 🙂

  • Thanks for the nice, well-written comment, Elaine.  And thanks for the welcome!  Best of luck to you in the future and please feel free to reach out to me directly if we can help that addition in any way 🙂

  • You can even strengthen your video testimonials by having them 3rd party verified.  

  • Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Ati and thanks for sharing this list. There are so many to choose from nowadays so your explanations for each will definitely help. I look forward to your next post for us.

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