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TweakYourBiz TV Talks To The Brains Behind The iFarm App

Conor Keppel and Ethan Cleary from the Irish Farmers Association have just launched a new app onto the market for Farmers, iFarm takes all the core information that a farmer needs and puts it onto their phone.

The iFarm App is available for Android, iPhone and other Smartphones and Tablets. It allows farmers to get farming news, dynamic weather information, directory listings, European and Irish market information and commentary, all together in one comprehensive app. To download (in Ireland) simply text ‘ifarm’ followed by your name to 51000. Ordinary text message rates apply.

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I talked to them about how they devised the product and why they felt it was relevant to the farming community.

  • Research found that Farmers didn’t like using traditional computers but they used touch screens on their farming equipment all the time.  This meant touch screen smart phones were a technology they would feel familiar with.
  • Cross platform application was important as many farmers wouldn’t subscribe to an appstore as they require a credit card and many don’t own one.
  • They used text messaging to send a link to the application and added bookmark buttons within the application prompting farmers to save the app to the home page of their phone.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

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Thanks to Connor and Ethan for telling us about the iFarm app, which I’m sure with be a great resource for busy Irish farmers, please share any thoughts you have about the app in the comments below.

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  • I like this. Sending to all our farming customers this week. 

  • I really love that they’ve spent time researching their customer base and developed a product they would use.

  • Thanks Aileen.  We are currently making changes to a number of sections inc. weather.  Glad you link it.  If I can help you out with anything just DM on LinkedIn or pop me over your email address.

  • Thanks for covering us Amanda!  Much appreciated!

  • Elishbul

    That looks like an excellent tool. I do believe it’s a great example for more organisations, social entrepreneurs and associations  who wish to consolidate their expertise and disseminates services more widely.

  • As someone who comes from an farming background, I’m delighted to see the development of the ifarm app. Well done to Connor & Ethan and thanks to Amanda for another great interview.

  • Thanks Niall. We’ve still a lot to do with it but exciting times ahead.

  • Thanks Elish, much appreciated.  

  • Debi Harper

    Very nice looking web app, lots of very useful information for farmers. I will let my dad know about it:)

  • Thanks Debbie 🙂

  • Hi Angie – thank you for that positive reminder – HR could be more proactive to get this mindset into place by aligning themselves with positive personal development and social cohesion activities not just the negative crisis stuff we tend to associate them with . I am talking about leading committees or voluntary gatherings around themes like charity work, local networking with the neighbourhood, company shcemes around themes like greening the office or social networks around an interest like keep fit / slimming club etc..

  • Thank you Nellie Akalp. It’s true, that when you want your business to be on the top, then choose employers whom you know is legit to the position. Plan everything well, to achieve the needs of your business.

  • So, you could become a walking wi-fi hotspot now? 😉 I bet my co-host, Lotta Gergils Aston, will talk about about this topic in our next episode of TrendPal! 🙂

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