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Bloggertone TV talks With Sean O Sullivan, Ireland’s Newest Dragon

Always on the lookout for interesting Entrepreneurs to speak with and learn from, I hooked up with Sean O’Sullivan to find out more about his business ventures and what he has been up to recently.

Sean founded several technology companies and organizations, including:

  • MapInfo, a $200 million software and services business headquartered in New York State.
  • He established one of his newest ventures, Avego in Kinsale in Ireland, a technology firm that provides Real-time Ridesharing and Vanpooling, and has offices in Ireland, China, and the United States. The Avego App can be downloaded here. A cool aspect of the App is that it tells you how much CO2 you are saving the environment.
  • Sean is also Managing Director of SOSventures International, a venture capital and investment management firm. SOSventures has just invested in the hugely popular website Silicon Republic. Previous investments include Harmonix, which is the creator of Guitar Hero, Netflix, and net.Genesis Corp.

Sean, who is credited with co-inventing the term “cloud computing,” is Ireland’s latest Dragon, and he has certainly earned the reputation as successful entrepreneur to join the team on Dragons Den.

I got together with Sean recently to ask him about his background, his involvement in various hugely successful projects, and his experience as the newest Irish Dragon:

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube]

I hope you enjoyed the interview and found some of Sean’s insights useful and informative for you. Watch out for the First episode of Ireland’s Dragons Den on Sunday March 11th, 2012!

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Elaine Rogers is a Business Trainer, Coach and Writer. She takes pain away. She helps soothe the rough and tumble of running a business through education, information and coaching. And a bit of entertainment. Elaine hangs out at The Smart Train She provides online training and coaching solutions in the areas of MS Office Skills, Business Skills, and Soft Skills. She also provides exclusive content for her ever growing email list.

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  • Enjoyed that, thanks Elaine! He clearly thinks it’s cool to have invented the term ‘cloud computing’ – and I agree 🙂 Can’t wait for Dragon’s Den 2012!

  • Thank you Anton, I am glad you enjoyed it. It’s a pretty cool term alright 🙂

  • Pat

    Great interview Elaine. ( ER phones SOS 😉 Really looking forward to seeing Sean in new season of Dragon’s Den on 11th March.

  • Hi Elaine, Fantastic interview!

    Wow – Sean is an intelligent guy and he definately gave me food for thought. He mentioned making sure you have a strong team and a technical person – I completely agree. There are some skills that you need in-house to make an idea work. Loved his companies – espec Mapinfo.

    Looking forward to watching him on Dragons Den.

  • Hi Elaine, great interview and Sean sounds like a great addition to the Den, particularly for an Irish tech start ups that end up on there. He’s got an amazing track record!  

  • I’ll finally be able to sate my craving for some really entertaining business TV! Really looking forward to the new series of Dragons Den now, thanks Elaine!

  • Brilliant Elaine!  Will look forward to watching the Dragons Den on the iPlayer.  What an interesting man.

  • Glad you enjoyed the interview Mairead, it will make for interesting viewing this coming Sunday in Ireland for sure 🙂

  • Always willing to oblige Neil 🙂 

    I think we still need to realise despite real investment being made, and companies being highly successful from the show, the final cut is entertainment, regardless of the seriousness of the content.I love seeing the different ideas that are out there, and the creativity shining through 🙂

  • Hi Pat,
    Loved your tweet (SOS) 😉 It sure feels like Sean is indeed responding to an SOS for certain high tech and online budding entrepreneurs that pitched to the Dragons this time 🙂

  • Thanks Christina,
    He sure has a great mix in the bag, I am looking forward to seeing what he invests in on the Den 🙂

  • Bobby Nash

    Well done Elaine! An excellent interview. Sean is a breath of fresh air on Dragons Den, he is a real venture capitalist who knows about technology and products for the long haul  as opposed to the usual fast buck approach by the other Dragons
    I look forward to more enlightening interviews.

  • ElliStGeorgeGodfrey

    Don, your post is a great reminder why planning and preparation should not be avoided. While making sure that you have the infrastructure (finance, staffing and such) in place is certainly a part of this, it is also important for the emotional infrastructure to be put in place. Self-reflection for the business owner keeps the focus on where and how he/she wants the business to go. Also, when the business owner consciously keeps the communication lines open, this helps staff and/or vendors adapt more effectively to the changes brought on by the growth.

  • Your sentiments are very similar to a lot of experts out there. Great post Don and I look forward to interacting with you soon.

  • Harry

    Mariah – Great discussion. This is the dilemma that many small businesses, as well as large ones, face every day. The key is to manage the growth such that you can grow without impacting things that made you successful in the first place. History is littered with companies that grew too big, too fast and eventually failed because they failed to keep the formula for success.

  • Mariah Courtney

    Hi Harry, Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right. I think the trick is sticking to what you’re good at. -Mariah

  • Mariah Courtney

    Hi Maegan, Thank you for your thoughtful comment. The reactive habit is definitely a tough one to break – and can be very dangerous to a small business. -Mariah

  • Mariah Courtney

    Thank you Sian! I’m excited to be part of the community.

  • Mariah Courtney

    Thanks Brown.

  • Thanks Niall – it took me a while to put the monster together so hope it provides value. Happy New Year to you too

  • Hi Martin. Normally 2 a week

  • Hi Martin, in total to do the whole piece ready for publishing I think it took about 6 hours

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