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How Pinterest Can Increase Your Website Traffic

Do you have good images for your business? Do you create products that make good photographs?  Can you take photographs of the service you offer? Do you want to improve the traffic to your website and increase sales. Pinterest could be the online resource you are looking for.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest resembles online pinboards or noticeboards.  Imagine you are trying to find the perfect wedding dress. Traditionally you might have cut numerous pictures from magazines and pinned them onto a board or put them into a folder. Users of Pinterest can create separate pinboards for any category and ‘pin’ any online images within that pinboard, thereby creating their own personalised files or boards.

How does Pinterest work?

Before people sign into pinterest, they can see a medley of the most recent and most popular pinned pictures.  Anyone who has a picture on Pinterest can tell how many people have repinned and liked their photo.

Once they log in, they can see the pictures belonging to those they are following, they can also look under particular categories or search for a keyword such as ‘Christmas’, ‘Easter’, ‘wedding dresses’, ‘wallpaper’, ‘gardens’, ‘recipes’ and thousands more.

People can follow each other on pinterest, send messages to each other and see each others boards and pins (pinned pictures). It is a veritable eye candy store.

How will it drive traffic to my website?

Once you (or somebody else) pins a picture from your website or your blog, that picture should always cite the source.

As many people use pinterest as an online source of pretty pictures, your aim is to have your pictures ‘repinned’ into other people’s boards where they will be then seen by more and more people.  Some may use your images in their blog posts and they should always cite the source as the original.

As ‘repins’ are often also tweeted and/or shared to facebook, pinterest is very much like an online ‘word of mouth’:

  • If you have a product or service that is visual and can be photographed, it should work well on Pinterest. From knitting to vegetables, architecture to weddings, wallpaper to recipes, shoes to gardens – the possibilities are endless.
  • You simply need to download the ‘pin it’ button onto your bookmarks bar and whenever you see a photograph you like, click the ‘pin it’ button, choose your pinboard and enter your description.
  • You do need to take care when naming your boards and describing each picture making sure that you use selected keywords within your descriptions but you can see how the possibilities of getting your product seen by hundreds and thousands of people by ‘repinning’.
  • However, Pinterest does warn against pinning just your own pictures. A true ‘pinner’ must be someone who pins pictures of objects or scenes that they love and of course, you can include your own work but don’t limit your pins to your own.

Who uses Pinterest?

Pinterest grew by 4000% in six months and its potential is huge. As the links to your site are being created and clicked on by real people, it can give your SEO a wonderful boost.  It is most popular with women in the 25-44 age bracket.

How do I find followers that would be interested in my product?

The ‘Help’ section on Pinterest is very good, explaining the basics of how to pin and pin etiquette.  If you sign in using your facebook or twitter usernames, you will be able to follow any friends already on pinterest and invite others.

If you wish to find people who may be interested in your product, then I would suggest searching for that product and following the people who have pinned pictures of that type of product.

You can find me on pinterest right here. You may need to request an invite to join so do get in contact with your email address if you would like me to send you one.

Lorna Sixsmith is a social media trainer at Write on Track, providing mentoring, training and content creation services to SMEs. Particularly passionate about blogging and Pinterest, Lorna also teaches these courses online at We Teach Social. Married to a dairy farmer in SE Ireland, Lorna recently self published her first book 'Would You Marry A Farmer?', a humourous look at life married to an Irish farmer.

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  • Thanks for this, Lorna! I’ve started to hear a lot about Pinterest & seeing as pic work so well on Facebook, it sounds like it’s on to a winner, particularly as you say if your biz can use images effectively. It’s sounds for once like a social media that may very well have some BIG legs! 

  • Great post, Elena recently discovered pinterest and has started pinning – I think I shall now join her…

  • I’ve been hearing so much about this Lorna and have been looking forward to your review. I can see some real potential here, particularly if your target market is the female demographic you mention. Of course, if you are using it as part of a social marketing strategy it would need to be integrated with other social media platforms to leverage it to drive traffic to your site. 

  • Another lovely ‘social-inspired’ specialist site.
    Perfect place to groww backlinks for SEO
    Must take a look…

  • Discovered this site last week – looks like it could be the next ‘big thing’ in social media! Just got an invite to try it out so will be doing so!

  • I am using Pinterest. Its great way to organize the things you like online. It really is a great way to generate traffic.

  • I have joined, but I really haven’t used it yet.  I think Pinteset is best for bloggers who use images a lot – photoblogs, design blogs, curiosities blogs, Infographics.  Or businesses who have product pics more interesting than the standard product images.  This is me:

  • Oh no, not another social media site to keep track of!!

  • Thinker

    Move over websites with words, expressing ourselves through images may just be the wave of the future.  If I had a product, I’d start making the page as beautiful as possible and putting my information all over it. 

  • 4000% growth? I am curious about growing pains and copyright. But it sounds like once the source is attached to the pinned image, then credit is provided but would still need to be cited, wold that be correct Lorna?

    I can see how this social networking around images can be invaluable to many business types, and can be automatically fed through the bigger SN sites (like twitter etc). I feel this would be key, as there are 1000’s of SN sites out there, but most SN users will be guaranteed to be on twitter, FB, etc.

    Great review and article Lorna – and an interesting read I came across a couple of days ago from Simply Zesty on Niche Social Media Sites –

  • Yes, Elaine, as in all good blog posts, people are expected to cite the original source and this is one place that pinterest falls down.  It does try to provide the original source and will display it  with each repin. the problem is if someone pins someone’s photo from somewhere else, if the photo itself is not linked, the source becomes that person’s blog or whatever.
    I’ll check out that link – thank you 🙂

  • Kay

    Thanks for the information.  You have answered question I had about how to use Pinterest for marketing as well and just great relaxing time exploring what other people have done.  I am now  following you.  I do have a web site other than Pinterest and would like to know about how to drive traffice to it by way of Pinterest.  Kay Horacefield

  • Great post Lorna, some interesting stats in there. A heads up if any of your readers are interested – we recently put together some top tips on using Pinterest, which might be a nice complement to your post!

  • Christina Giliberti

    A great pick here Warren. Glad to see Seth Godwin in there and will make sure I read that entry!

  • Debi Harper

    Thank you Warren, these are blogs I never would have come across,looking forward to reading them all. I love this quote To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

  • What a comprehensive list Warren – thank you for sharing – I look forward to reading some of them over the coming weeks.

  • Glitzandglamnet

    Thanks for that info, i did join a few months back but have never used it? When i try to pin something from my own website it is saying ‘field required’ and i dont know what it means?? Prob something really easy i bet!! Any suggestions?

  • While pinterest will increase your website hits, if you really want your website to take off there are better ways to do it. I have a site that is now very popular, and it’s because of how I promoted it. I used the tips in the articles from  to help build my views. This really worked for me, let it work for you!

  • Saimakhanzadi

    i am a well and damn good fan on pintrest but unfortunately i dont have too much follower for repinning. who ever reading this please like repin and follow me thanks

    and i have a humor website you can also pin stuff from here OR visit it for daily good stugg

  • Great point, Anton! We can’t presume that people search like we think – in fact, it’s actually more useful to presume that people don’t. I know lots of people that provide valuable content but I only know a few that know how to get their content found.

  • John Twohig

    Super post Niall, well worth the time it took to read it. The key words make a lot of sense but it is some thing I have not done much of up to now. I will address that after reading this post.

  • Christina Giliberti

    Hi Niall,

    Never underestimate research. I work with hundreds of businesses who know their businesses so well that they believe that research isn’t needed. They fire off keywords that they know, BUT after conducting research, not all of these keywords are used in searches.

    In my experience, the reasons are:

    In-house terms
    technical (industry) terms
    Terms that ‘stuck’ from day one

    This thing is – online evolves daily. It’s reactive to trending stimuli and so, from one month to the next – searches change.

    Love the idea of evergreen content. Overly-trending posts can fizzle out quickly.

  • Thank you for that concise reminder on a sustainable approach to blogging. It struck me that evergreen articles also stand a good chance of being relevant globally. They may solve a a perennial problem, a common denominator amongst business people everywhere. Also pertinent that you mention Keeping a Blog Alive through updates, with the impending saturation of the blogosphere and proliferation of short snappy posts that do little to add value functioning as mere advertorial in some places.

  • A very helpful post,
    thank you Niall. It’s such a constant learning curve – whoever said the interent was easy? It’s easy to find things, but not as easy to be found.

  • The trick is to start to think like a the customer, user or reader that you are looking to engage!

  • Great point Elish and of course you are very very right!

  • Back in the day, I remember ranking well for a particular search term (which brought a lot of business) without really realizing how I’d achieved it. Upon reflection what had happened was that because I had worked as a sales manager, my language was that of a sales manager and I used that in my copy – where as other trainers were using trainer speak.

  • As I say, John – if you want to write content that gets to readers/customers – It’s critical!

  • Great post Niall. Will definitely be referring back to this 🙂

  • Thanks David, this definitely is a factor for us here. I’ve noticed that some of the more traditional business type posts, while not generating maybe as much traffic in the first few days, will often outperform (in many cases significantly) when viewed over a longer time frame. I’ve also noticed that if you carefully update, this can make a productive post even better.

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  • One iOS feature we miss in Android is the ability to tap the status bar to jump back to the top of a webpage or document.

  • karvetski

    Last time I checked there were no hyperlinks in Instagram, so it’s not good at driving traffic (like Pinterest is). Has something changed?

  • Steven Scheck

    Hi Niall,

    Yes, it’s really interesting how wifi is unfolding itself and I feel it won’t be long before it will find its place in majority of the household appliances. 🙂

  • Interesting to see … thank you it’s well done 🙂 htpp://

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