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Small Business Blogs: How To Avoid Being Boring

I recently did a personal blog post about how professionalism can be the death of charisma.  One senior manager from Sage in North America made a very valid point about how the size of the firm, culture and even the location can play a huge role in the expected behaviour of employees.  He also made the point that small businesses can very often benefit from a leader and also PR/Marketing strategies that have ‘attitude’.

This makes a company stand out among the crowd, particularly if entering or operating in a hyper-competitive industry as people can relate or debate with something they can identify with – this is immensely challenging if lost behind the face of a global giant.

There are many engaging small business blogs out there that take a stance on something other than just a plain old sales pitch or review of the latest technologies.  Sadly, there are more that don’t. In my view, the points below are FAR from rocket science – however they aren’t that widely adopted!

Below you’ll find errors (in my opinion) that many small businesses make with their blogs that only entices me to increase their bounce rate:

  • Don’t blog about blogging, social media etc. unless you are truly an expert or unless you are engaging with fellow digital lovers.  We have Techcrunch, Mashable etc. It doesn’t make me want your services.  Think about case studies that show genuine benefit using real life customers.  I wouldn’t buy a newspaper with a front cover story entitled ‘Ten Ways the Newspaper has Changed Business’.
  • Don’t use the word ‘potential’ – it’s the professional future-looking version of ‘what-if?’
  • Have you a theme that runs through all your posts and topics?  It’s great to see a blog that essentially superimposes a stance on whatever topic they cover.  Variety is the spice of life – it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice an ethos.
  • Blogs where the authors are visible always gains my instant respect. Even if I think the post is rubbish, I know someone is willing to stand behind it.  The same applies to corporate Twitter accounts who make the tweeters known e.g. ‘this twitter account is manned by @Con_Keppel in the online department’.  It also means you know who’s posts are working and whose are not to a greater extent from other channels outside of the corporate account

We have been exposed to a world of new media in the last ten years that allows us to talk in a more informal way where we control the content.  It’s not about personal glory, it’s about having a blog or social media presence with personality. Thoughts?


ME: Marketing Manager, SaaS; co-founder of; Social Media Junkie; MSc in Strategic Management; Opinions my own and they may offend (not intentionally of course).

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  • Hi Conor, great post, Love it! Another I’d add is don’t try to sell, well at least not in an obvious way! Also “Blogs where the authors are visible always gains my instant respect” is a great point, the blogs I read allow me in on theu00a0personalitiesu00a0and culture behind the business, allow me get to know you before I do business with you.u00a0

  • Thanks Niall – muchu00a0appreciated! u00a0Ya blogs that try to sell too hard are incredibly annoying – very often the frustration lies in having a great company who offers a quality product/service and they let themselves down by ‘pushing’ way too hard – if your offering can do so much for me, why are you trying so hard.nnA name really does gain my instant respect. u00a0I understand this is not always suitable for a larger company, but that’s the beauty of an SME. u00a0You can leverage the ‘smallness’ of the company to avoid a personality of image being diluted. u00a0As always, thanks for reading!

  • Refreshing comments. I would add, don’t be afraid to add meat to your blogs. a recent chat with Niall Devitt of Bloggertone confirmed an instinct I had that people don’t mind a slightly longer blog post if the material is interesting. nn

  • Good point Derbhile, Longer posts can work well but Iu00a0 think it’s a case of underatanding that people will drill down to different levels. nnThat’s why I would suggest that formating is critical: People read books and scan websites. nnTo keep the online reader interested.nYou need to capture their attention (Headline)Give them something nice to look at (pictures)Make your posts easily or partly digestible (sub-headings and formatting)nnnOnline folks have zillions of choices, and will often not need to read the entire article to get value

  • Hi Derbhile, thanks for reading. u00a0That’s a great point regarding longer posts. u00a0What I would say though is be careful of your own perception. u00a0If you’re writing about it you obviously find it interesting. u00a0I have found two great bloggers who are also friends – we pass around our posts to each other and act as each other’s editorial committee. It’s a great way to find out if your posts are interesting to other people and if anything can be cut out of it.u00a0nnOnce again thanks for reading 🙂

  • Great to hear and thanks for reading! If I can be of any more help please let me know!

  • Gracias poru00a0leer!u00a0Granu00a0puntosu00a0con respecto au00a0lau00a0longitud delu00a0mensaje.u00a0Creo queu00a0algomu00e1s deu00a0300u00a0palabrasu00a0esu00a0demasiado.u00a0Realmenteu00a0depende delu00a0contenido.u00a0Siu00a0unau00a0muydetalladau00a0de cu00f3mo hacerlou00a0blog,u00a0yau00a0esu00a0accceptable.u00a0Pedimos disculpas poru00a0miu00a0pobreespau00f1ol!

  • Liam

    yes you make some good points Connor

  • Thanks for reading Liam

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  • Always do some real blogging or you can even add videos on it….

  • Make your company more attractive to potential employees by offering things such as flexible hours and work at home options.

  • HI Niall – would LOVE to get involved please!

    My Sunday morning was meant to be all about getting visuals for my web videos and have been distracted for the last 3 hours by the amazing content and use of video on Bloggertone – what a fantastic resource and way to share top tips!

    What’s the next step to join up?

  • Connor Keppel

    Great reasons.  The only one not emphasized enough is that you learn a huge amount from the posts on it also.  Would recommend all get involved. It’s a win – win: the more people involved the more exposed the site, and the more exposed the site the greater your reputation!  

  • I would really emphasise the first reason, as the community is incredible. In fact, we have regular get-togethers and chat daily. Not only is this a blog sharing community, but a warm, sharing community. Many here are now good friends and a supportive bunch.

    Bloggertone has indeed scaled the global web and the readership of posts has intensified. Kudos to both Nial and Anita (and Fred and Facundo prior) for their hard work and dedication – Bloggertone is undoubtedly a top notch resource with an impressive following and excellent posts.

    I love being part of it!

  • Niall I can’t believe you left out the most important reason:

    #1) Coz it’s awesome.

  • Thanks Christina, and we’re very lucky to have you 🙂

  • Great point Connor, active blogging is a great teacher! 🙂

  • Cheers Neil, We’re delighted that you think so and thanks for your continued support and great content 🙂

  • Thanks Christina.

  • Kyle Kam

    Thanks for this, Niall. I was very surprised when I saw this. Got me hyped up for my next contribution. Haha. 🙂

  • My pleasure, Kyle and well done again! 🙂

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