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8 Components Of A Successful Email Newsletter

Email newsletters offer one of the highest returns on investment in online marketing, second only to search marketing. But it only works when you do it right.
Assuming you have interested subscribers; the following are the key parts of an email newsletter guaranteed to bring you success.

1. Subject line.8 components of a successful email newsletter - Sheepstealers GAA Clothing
Your very first point of contact. Use this to tempt the reader to open the mail.
I add the company name to every subject line to build trust over time. Readers learn that if the mail is from Sheepstealers then there will be something inside they will enjoy or find interesting.

2. Preview
This text will appear in the preview pane of the email client when it arrives to the inbox. It should add to the subject line and provide more reasons to open the newsletter.

3. Main offer
A clear offer with a strong call to action. A reader should be in no doubt what to do next and why. Fancy fonts will need to be images so make sure you have text and links that work when images are turned off.

4. Sell stuff.
Don’t forget your ultimate goal is to sell your products or service.

5. Being useful
Subscribers would get turned off pretty fast if every mail was about me. I always add content I know would be of use to a subscriber. It increases the chance of them opening again next month.

6. Expand the conversation
People love sharing good links and information online. With an army of subscribers loving your updates, make it easy for them to tell others and chat back to you.

7. Reminder
A personal touch to let them know you are human and a simple reminder of where they signed up can drastically reduce the number who unsubscribe. But if they want to go let them.

8. Short & Sweet
I like keeping my newsletters short and easy to scan. If I have a long article I split it into a snappy taster for the newsletter and a read more link going to the blog.

That’s all! If you start applying these points to your email marketing campaigns you will see your open and click through rates start to rise.

Disclosure: Sheepstealer GAA T-Shirts is a product from Spoiltchild. This email does not currently exist and was produced for this post.

Alan is the creative lead and founder at Spoiltchild, an award winning digital design agency and founder of international email marketing company He has over 10 years of online business development, design and customer development working with clients such as Jet Blue, Virgin America, Eircom, RTE and National Galleries of Scotland.

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  • Hi Alan, welcome to Bloggertone! I like your point number 7 about adding a personal touch, anything that you can add to take out the feel ofu00a0automation is surely a good idea.u00a0u00a0u00a0

  • Anonymous

    Great tips Alan! Welcome to Bloggertone :)nI would add to that list something a lot of people forget to do properly (including me sometimes): Review the text several times for typos.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the welcome guys.

  • Ron

    In addition to Short & Sweet, you could also add Bottom Line Up Front.u00a0 It’s always a good idea to make dure that your main point is as close to the top as possible so you don’t risk having reader’s miss it.

  • Anonymous

    Good point Ron.

  • Nan King

    Keeping your emails short and sweet is definitely most important. Plus you can always link to more info, driving traffic to your site.nnNan KingnEmail Marketing Company

  • Susanbourkem

    a good idea to increase optins is to use the same subject line as the opt in line to increase your click throughs ie u00a0if they clicked the first time they,ll click the second time as their eye will follow on down.

  • These are some great tips! Have you ever heard of GreenRope? It’s an online software that lets small business design email marketing campaigns just like this! Its really easy to use and allows you to manage CRM, I recommend it to everyone.u00a0

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