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Why You Should Include A Media Page On Your Website

Are you building a business? Would you like to attract media publicity for your product or service?

An effective way to achieve this is to set up a media page on your website.

This media page, also known as a press page, media or press room, is a page on your website with information that the media and press would find useful. Reporters, researchers, editors and producers regularly trawl the web looking for people to interview on a variety of topics. They are busy people who will naturally gravitate towards those websites which make it easy for them to get the information they need.

What to include on your media page

  • Background information on when your company was formed, where you are located, etc.
  • Short biography of key personnel
  • An outline of the specific features or benefits of your product or service
  • Press Releases
  • Video content
  • Awards
  • Links to previous interviews
  • Links to published articles
  • High resolution photographs of key personnel, products, etc.
  • Media contact information

Even if you do not have much to feature on your media page at this stage, at least include the basic information you do have.  Do not pass up this opportunity to showcase your expertise and your achievements to date.  Incorporating a media page will make you look professional, expert and serious about your business. So start putting yours together today!

Do you have a media page on your website? What do you include on it?

Marie Ennis-O’Connor is a freelance public relations consultant with over 10 years experience in a variety of PR roles. Drawing on her PR expertise, Marie now specialises in advising non-profits on a social media strategy which leverages its potential to build networks, to attract more donors, volunteers, advocates and brand ambassadors. Since 2006, Marie has been secretary of Europa Donna Ireland, the Irish Breast Cancer Campaign, an advocacy group working to improve the treatment and care of women in Ireland with a diagnosis of breast cancer. She is also a grassroots leader with LiveStrong, a movement, which unites, inspires and empowers people affected by cancer on a global level. Marie is author of the successful Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer blog, a finalist in this year’s Irish Blog Awards.

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  • Good post Marie. A lot of companies don’t do down this way. If it’s done well, it could attract quality eye balls. Great examples of these media pages or “newsrooms” are Cisco and Scania UK main idea to me, is not to make it old school and boring (example: bad design, PDF downloads everywere) It must be done well, including RSS feeds and especially video and pictures.

  • Nice post Marie! Do you feel that the newsroom should be completely separate from the blog or can the two be incorporated together, also if anyone else has an opinion, please share.

  • I would favour separate from the blog Niall.

  • Great examples Fred!

  • Thanks Marie, thought so 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Marie,nnThis is a helpful post. I was thinking of removing my page from my site because it doesn’t get very much traffic. Maybe reworking the page and adding your suggestions will make it more usable.nnThank you!

  • Anonymous

    I had 4 interviews in the press from a few years ago. I was trying to come up with the best way to utilize them. I was think about a “in the news” page. I like your idea.nnRob

  • Yes, I agree and mine will be up very shortly I believe 🙂

  • Thanks for all the feedback everyone

  • Nice post! I am so grateful that I came across to read your blog…I love every bit of it especially the points that you expressed! As we all know, social media plays a big part in the world of internet marketing business…Social media will help you get so much traffic to your blog/site! Anyway, keep sharing and looking forward to the next one…

  • I really like the point you make about the iPad only displaying one app at a time! Also, because this is a real world explanation of applying cloud, it will give it meaning for many. Well done, Elaine! 🙂  

  • Chris Winning

    I completely agree – ipad is the way to go! With (free app!) remote access, I have access to everything I would have if I were sitting in the office working on my PC and I can enlarge the print in a flash! it’s a fright to be getting old!! Well done Elaine.

  • Chris,
    That is a hugely inspiring comment – thank you for sharing! I am pleased you have found a device and a system that works perfectly for you!

  • This was very helpful! Exactly what I needed to know! Thanks so much!

  • I am looking for a good example of a media page. We are in the process of writing ours but it looks more like a link exchange page than a media page.

  • I know now what to work on 🙂 Great article and also a bit scary for those of us who have no affinity towards the financial side of the entrepreneurial life.

  • Thanks for this post Jordan. Being self employed it’s often on my mind what would happen financially if something happened to me and god forbid I couldn’t work. This is a timely reminder to take out that insurance

  • CatSil

    thanks for the examples, 3 years later and still relevant.

  • Catherine Jules

    A “must have” for business minded people. It would be of great help for them to increase sales and markets because of the fact that social media (most especially the Internet) plays a big role in a persons daily routine, nowadays.

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