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Link Up with Your LinkedIn Reading List

What does your LinkedIn reading list say about you? That question prompted lively discussion among members of the Writing Mafia Group on LinkedIn. The general feeling was that books were a statement of personality and that people looked to a connection’s reading list as a yardstick for the value of a connection.

However, a surprising number of people were unaware of the existence of the LinkedIn reading list. Which is a shame, because it’s an invaluable way of boosting your profile on LinkedIn. Quite simply, the reading list is an app that lets you tell your contacts what you’re reading at the moment, what you have read, or what you plan to read.

Accessing the Reading List

  • It’s easy to use. Just go to the “More” tab, which is the last tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  • When you click on the word ‘more’, you will see Reading List by Amazon. Click on it, then search for the title of a book you want to select.
  • Amazon generates a list of titles with book covers above them. Pick the one that matches your choice.
  • The book you choose will appear on your profile and your contacts will see a message telling them what you are reading at present.

What Books to Pick

Because LinkedIn is a formal, business-oriented site, many people choose titles that relate to their business and professional lives. They go for inspirational business books, books on business best practise and books related to their field of business. However, people may also pick books that have inspired them throughout their lives, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. You can choose a book you have read, a current choice or one you plan to read.

Using the Reading List to Network

When you’ve chosen your book, LinkedIn will invite you to add a comment telling people why you’ve chosen to read this book and if you’ve finished it, what you’ve thought of it. You are also asked if you would recommend it to others. When you click on the title of your book, you can find out what other people on LinkedIn thought of it, which is sure to spark lively debate and gather new connections that you mightn’t have encountered otherwise.

To see the reading list in action, feel free to visit my profile, As a bookworm, I love to hear what others are reading, so feel free to comment on my book choices, or share your own.

Every business has a story. Your story helps your business stand out from the crowd. It's your story that customers ultimately buy into. I help businesses tell their story using a three-step process. Define the story: Identify what you do, how you do it and above all, why you do it? Refine the story: Decide who's interested in your story and where to spread the word. Deliver the story: through blogs, newsletters, mailshots, social media posts, press releases and brochures.

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  • I really like this idea, I think commenting/talking about books is a great way to network, I haven’t updated my list in a while, I better get to it!

  • Nice post Derbhile. From one bookworm to another I usually only put work related books on my Linked in reading list. However I recently read a trilogy that challenges conventional thinking, shows outside the box thinking and since that is something I work in they were included.

    I’ve yet to comment on anyone’s reading list and haven’t had anyone comment on mine.

  • Nice one Derbhile. I love the LinkedIn Reading list as well. Another cool thing is that everytime you choose a new book or leave notes, it sends an update to your network.

  • I use this, and include non – business books as well, as I am not embarrassed by what I read in my social time, and feel I grow and learn from most reading experiences. Any book that doesn’t carry me through, I stop reading it, but may come back to it later, as my frame of mind may be different.

    I am aware that it portrays how you are, and my choices may not be the best for my “professional” profile, but I am a bit quirky anyway, and by hiding that, I am hiding my authentic self, both personally and professionally.

    i have had a few comments, all positive and conversational, I agree it’s a great way to connect with LinkedIn connections you may not have much in common with. Talking books can reveal interests and insights 🙂

  • Thanks to all for comments, RTs and pingbacks.

  • Gee, I’ve never known about this feature in LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing it here. I wonder if businesses are really interested in what people read, really. But then, you can never tell a person’s character by simply taking a look at his or her profile. Sometimes, you can read them like an open book — through the books they are reading; it says a lot about how they think.

  • Thanks for the info. Although I’m on LinkedIn, I really haven’t taken the time to understand it fully but it is on my hitlist to come to grips with in the near future. Being an booklover, I can see I would love this function.


  • Brilliant interview Ivan! This is really great interview for aspiring onlineu00a0entrepreneurs, a must watch!u00a0Thanks to Anitau00a0@smallbiztrends:twitteru00a0for providing such wonderful and practical advice, she’s an inspirational lady and has always been very supportive of the Bloggertone community.u00a0

  • What a great interview, so many great tips and ideas. It is really interesting to hear that having a product aimed at small businesses can work so well and be so profitable. I am often concerned that by aiming at small businesses I could be limitingu00a0my business potential and income but Anita has shown that if you find a niche and do it well then then there are great rewards. u00a0It is also reassuring to hear her say that having the link between herself and her business is one of the income streams for the business. Loving all of the video interviews. Keep them coming.

  • u00a0Great interview, Ivan.nnAnita has one hell of a job, for sure!nnu00a0The Franchise Kingu00ae

  • Thanks Joelu00a0 .nn’Inspect what you expect’ was/is a favorite quote from Anita and it made me re-think how I manage my projects, which is what you want, right? Always room for improvement :)nnIvann

  • Hi Beatrice. nnAnita did an interview with Yaro Starak on that’s worth listening too. nnListen to the part where she explains how to position her business against (and other big hitters) and come out on top. nnRegards, nnIvannnPS – if you cant find it let me know. I have the file on the PC here.

  • Thanks Niall. nnMaybe we can do a followup when her new book comes out later. Looks good!nnIvan

  • Thanks Fred, nnDavid Airey is also worth reading for this type of marketing. nnIvannu00a0

  • Thanks Ivan,nGoing to check that out now.u00a0

  • Great interview Ivan, lots of great tips in there, I’ll be watching it again and again to make sure I don’t forget anything.n

  • Great analogy with the garden, Sharon.nnHaving worked in a ‘real’ business also gave Anita the insight into starting/running a business that many web gurus lack. nnIvannnn

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