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Finding Time

I have been remiss with my posting here on Bloggertone.

On the surface, the reasons for this are obvious and mainly centre on my business and commercial decisions that had to be made.

time management, blogging, social mediaI kept up the blogging on my own site but essentially was looking “inward”.

Not good!

As a great believer in the power of social media as a positive influencer from the perspective of nurturing and growing a business, this was not the right decision.

My time got away from me.

I never found the right moment to be able to take that 30 minutes to an hour out of the week to write a blog post for the site. Sure, I’ve re-tweeted and “sweeted” but not engaged which is where the strength of social media is to be found.

The posts on the site are always insightful and taking the time to acknowledge them and adding to the conversations that they start is worthwhile.

The contributors to the site (bloggers and commenter’s alike) embrace social media. They understand its power and influence and how it can help them drive their businesses in the longer term – whatever that business may be.

The links created back to the bloggers and commenter’s websites have a positive influence from the perspective of search engine rankings and visibility.

Oh and it’s actually kind of fun too!

I’ve had the privilege of meeting with a few of the folks and am inspired by their passion not only to make a success of Bloggertone or for their own businesses – but also for the drive and willingness to share what each and every contributor says.

This is the very essence of what social media is all about.

It’s time to find the time!

Photo: Robbert van der Steeg

Budding entrepeneur working on software product solutions for business. My background is mainly operational and senior management roles in mobile telecoms and software houses. Areas of expertise include professional services, out-sourcing, team management and general operations management. I've made the conscious decision to create my own company having spent the last 20 years learning in the corporate world. In my contributions to this forum, I will share some insights and learnings that I've picked up along the way and hopefully they will be useful to some or all!

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