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Finding Time

I have been remiss with my posting here on Bloggertone.

On the surface, the reasons for this are obvious and mainly centre on my business and commercial decisions that had to be made.

time management, blogging, social mediaI kept up the blogging on my own site but essentially was looking “inward”.

Not good!

As a great believer in the power of social media as a positive influencer from the perspective of nurturing and growing a business, this was not the right decision.

My time got away from me.

I never found the right moment to be able to take that 30 minutes to an hour out of the week to write a blog post for the site. Sure, I’ve re-tweeted and “sweeted” but not engaged which is where the strength of social media is to be found.

The posts on the site are always insightful and taking the time to acknowledge them and adding to the conversations that they start is worthwhile.

The contributors to the site (bloggers and commenter’s alike) embrace social media. They understand its power and influence and how it can help them drive their businesses in the longer term – whatever that business may be.

The links created back to the bloggers and commenter’s websites have a positive influence from the perspective of search engine rankings and visibility.

Oh and it’s actually kind of fun too!

I’ve had the privilege of meeting with a few of the folks and am inspired by their passion not only to make a success of Bloggertone or for their own businesses – but also for the drive and willingness to share what each and every contributor says.

This is the very essence of what social media is all about.

It’s time to find the time!

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Budding entrepeneur working on software product solutions for business. My background is mainly operational and senior management roles in mobile telecoms and software houses. Areas of expertise include professional services, out-sourcing, team management and general operations management. I've made the conscious decision to create my own company having spent the last 20 years learning in the corporate world. In my contributions to this forum, I will share some insights and learnings that I've picked up along the way and hopefully they will be useful to some or all!

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  • Welcome back Barney!! Really looking forward to your posts man 🙂

  • Hey Barney, It’s difficult to find the time to do everything! It’s great to have you back man & by the way we are coming up to our first birthday I think 🙂

  • Facundo

    Welcome back Barney. We all look forward to your posts!

  • Thanks all!

  • I’m with everyone else Barney…glad to have you back! 🙂

  • Hey Barney.

    One thing that helps me is to write in batches.

    In other words, I head off somewhere and write 5-10 posts in one go. Then I have enough ammo (sorry content) to keep the blogs going while I work on other things.


  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Barney. As I sit reading this I’m conscious that this week I haven’t taken the time to write the posts that I wanted to. It’s not easy. I like Ivan’s point about writing in batches.

  • Nice post Barney. I’m guilty of the very same thing, only I’ve also let my own blog slide too. Like Ivan I used to write in batches and I also had a guest blog spot, all neglected due to concentrating my attention elsewhere. A nice reminder to get back to my blogging.

  • We come and go – that is the very nature of human nature – like networking, writing our own blogs, and committing to write for Bloggertone. I am in the same boat as you Barney. Glad to be busy earning but have neglected my social networking and blogging.

    I am sitting today on a Saturday to write a “batch” of blogs and spend some time hanging out here too. However my day has run away again, and still haven’t written my posts. It’s tough out there, but we do come back – that’s the main thing!

    Welcome home 🙂

  • Thanks for the comment Elaine. The writing the blogs in batches does work. But it does take a chunk out of the day. For me, it has just got to become part of the working week in the same manner as any other aspect to the business.

  • Thanks for the comment Mairead.

  • HI Ivan

    Thanks for the comment. I too write in batches – but am not doing enough in one go I think. Need to increase the number a little to help myself out.


  • Nice to see you back Barney…. and I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  • Waleed ALRajhi

    useful info thank you for sharingu00a0nnALRajhi Waleed

  • Waleed ALRajhi

    useful info thank you for sharingu00a0nnALRajhi Waleed

  • Waleed ALRajhi

    useful info thank you for sharingu00a0nnALRajhi Waleed

  • Waleed ALRajhi

    useful info thank you for sharingu00a0nnALRajhi Waleed

  • Waleed ALRajhi

    useful info thank you for sharingu00a0nnALRajhi Waleed

  • Waleed ALRajhi

    useful info thank you for sharingu00a0nnALRajhi Waleed

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  • Nanduchinna826

    right nw im a student studying b tech mechanical engineering final year after completing when ever i will get the job in any company i will follow these measures to increase productivity  and my name is rajesh ph num:8008586851 and my email id is

  • Bernice Karanja

    well researched, very informative!

  • anne

    Good day Mr. Neil i’m a student of college of st. Benilde from manila philippines. I want to send a private email with regards to your article. This is my email address can i have your email? hope to hear from you soon. thank you.

  • Great information here.  Very thorough, and many good points.  Ensuring that people enjoy their work is one of the best ways to make sure that they do a good job, and stay with the company.

  • Great tips! I like “The best performing employee is the happy employee” the most. Who wants to work with a wrinkle on his forehead? Exactly my point :))

  • Goal Setting and Time management are important skills to increase productivity. Time management without having a clear defined set of goals can lead to waste. 

  • Joe

    All good points. For number #4, I’d put an emphasis on “recognize”. Blanket rewards or praise to the workforce definitely help morale, but when you recognize individuals for specific achievements (and reward them accordingly), it’s much more beneficial, for those individuals and the organization as a whole. For the individual, it confirms to them that his or her work is both valuable and appreciated. For the organization, recognition and praise of individual effort can spur teams to aim higher in their work, encouraging others to strive for similar accolades. While software can help track workforce productivity and efficiency (our own solutions help align project and resource portfolios: ), it ultimately requires personal involvement by management and leadership to achieve the best efficiencies.

  • Dasha Golubeva

    I’d add one more hack to this list – taking short breaks during the workday. In a survey that we ran a couple of months ago, about 32% said that it’s one of the most powerful efficiency triggers for them. I’d join this group of respondents, if I’d vote, too 🙂 And I was researching this topic, I read that some companies, including global industry leaders, even support that in the organizational policy. In case you’re interested in some more science of productive breaks, we put together an infographic with some remarkable facts and figures:

  • piyush

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  • That’s an interesting article indeed! What I would like to point out is the importance of cloud technology in productivity. All these cloud business applications like Comidor ( have made collaboration much easier than before and helped in boosting the every employees productivity levels.

  • Hi,

    Very useful indeed. Incentives and rewards are on top of my list too. Using tools like Google Drive and Invoicera help a lot in team collaboration and improving productivity.


  • Yogesh Sharma

    Great post ever and i got to know many things with it . Thank you For posting this idea 🙂

  • Lottie Fury

    Great article Neil. As a manager I have a team and to improve my teams productivity and mine I got iPads and downloaded an app called Beesy. Thanks to it You can organise your actions directly from your notes, and manage at the same time your projects, actions, contacts and delegate easily thanks to the meeting minute option that is automatic. Check it out if you want to gain time at work!

  • RAF

    Thank you very much for these information Neil! You helped me a lot in my school assignments. Looking for other articles in the future! God bless!

  • pavan kumar

    Nice Post, You are saying right. Time management software
    helps to improve employee productivity at the workplace. This software is beneficial in accountability,
    team work and increase productivity.
    Scopidea is also time tracker software that helps you track time with
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  • Kevin Peter

    Sometimes, start a timer, set it for 60 seconds and have me take actual decisions. Its good to do this once a while. Also, I read over another blog that taking a hot-cold contrast shower helps, gotta try this soon! 🙂

  • anil ghanwat

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  • Myloe TV

    Nice article. Fits right in with a technology I discovered last July. It’s call TimeCaster.

    TimeCaster is the first productivity forecasting app I’ve seen on the market. It utilizes real science and real-time data to forecast your daily and weekly productivity. TimeCaster also offers advice on how to make your day more productive. It does this by generating a personal forecast using a series of algorithms based on years of document research on how the body responds and reacts to certain physical and environmental conditions. It’s can be found at GooglePlay.Com. Below link is to the FREE version I use.

  • Nikhil

    Providing a wide spread environment, making changes with new ideas. Post is very nice. It informs about various features many had already spoken about goal setting and time management. As you had said, using PC and smart phones are important tools. So i thought about CRM software like Apptivo had improved productivity at work place.

  • Sarah Salvo

    Thanks for the article! One thing I would add is to encourage employees to take note of the tasks they repeatedly do and create process around each one. That way, the steps and results are more replicable and it encourages delegation and eases the hand off between people. Here’s more on that:

  • Hi Good Post, really Good Post for People to work more smart ! we have Mobile app which will also increase Productivity , if you have time check out and give us your review : IOS Store :

  • Sharon Thomson

    Great Tips. I’d like to share few more tips to improve productivity at workplace:
    1. Keeping your desk clean is key to being able to get more work done.
    2. Checking emails first thing in the morning can burden you with unnecessary tension. Stop doing it.
    3. Studies report that taking regular breaks during the work day can improve productivity.
    4. If you see a task or action that you know can be done in two minutes or less, do it immediately.
    5. Happiness at work is the #1 productivity booster. Smiling can greatly improve your mood and reduce stress. Even better, your smile doesn’t have to be real, so you can fake it and still get the same results
    6. Always create a to-do list first thing in the morning. You can use ProofHub for the same.

  • Samantha

    Nice tips for improving workplace productivity. I’d also like to share some tips, which i follow and it really help in improving productivity.
    1. Track and limit how much time you’re spending on tasks.
    2. Take regular breaks.
    3. Set self-imposed deadlines.
    4. Follow the “two-minute rule.”
    5. Just say no to meetings.
    6. Hold standing meetings.
    7. Quit multitasking.
    8. Take advantage of your commute.
    9. Give up on the illusion of perfection.
    10.Take exercise breaks.
    11. Turn off notifications.
    12. Work in 90-minute intervals.
    13. Minimize interruptions (to the best of your ability).
    14. Organize your tasks, create a list in the morning . You can also use IndyDesk.

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