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Branding Your Business On Facebook: Be Creative

Facebook is amazing, and continues to open doors of business opportunities for companies who are able to harness the true power and value of Facebook.

It is important to note that most of the success stories on Facebook have come from companies who understand the value, marketing idea and ethics. Developing your online reputation and brand on this platform is a very important proposition in today’s social media driven market.  Some of the things you can do here as a company to promote your brand and increase business include:

  1. Building a professional business page that is in line with your brand.
  2. Create relevant Tabs on your page.
  3. Provide a value proposition for fans to like your page.
  4. Post positive information about your company on your page.
  5. Share relevant articles and news that will add value to your fans.
  6. Post industry business updates on your page.
  7. Create or share interesting viral videos or articles on your page.
  8. Share useful links that would benefit your fans on your page.
  9. Run engaging brand related campaigns on your page and post events.
  10. Provide discounts, special offers, share surveys and insight on your page.
  11. Manage your online reputation: If someone leaves a comment on your page the unwritten ethics is that you have to respond or acknowledge the comment.
  12. Find relevant people or influential clients to blog on your page.
  13. Be careful about integrating your other social media accounts to Facebook.
  14. Create a trend about your product, solution or service that is only unique to your Facebook page.
  15. Most important learn how to engage and create a brand message on your facebook page.

I would also advise that you think about what you want to achieve before you develop your content and build your brand message. Being creative on Facebook is one of the most important things to keep in mind in order to achieve your goal. I would be very interested in hearing what other things one should look out for before building a brand on Facebook.

I am a seasoned professional with international management experience and a social media addict.

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  • Hi John, welcome to Bloggertone! These are great tips, one mistake I think some businesses make on is they forget to have some fun on Facebook. A quick easy way to engage with your community is to ask questions. Thanks for sharing, Niall

  • Printandradio

    Thanks for nice tips.

  • Welcome to Bloggertone John! My advice is: If as a business you want to take serious Facebook marketing please don’t use is as a “news wall” to talk about your products and services only. Majority of companies are doing that on FB and Twitter. Gets old very fast… and boring.

  • Margaretmara

    Thanks Niall, as always great advise.

  • Mukesh

    Hi John,
    These are great tactics!
    Different channels (eg FB/Twitter/LinkedIn) can serve different pusposes so a Social Media strategy (reason for having Social presence) should be developed to derive maximum effect of the tactics you outline.
    Your point 11 is a good example; how should the organisation handle negative posts?

    Agree with Fred; FB should be used to engage with your audience and not promote products/services – Company website is for that! However, driving traffic from FB to company website would be fine.

  • John Kamara

    Thanks Niall will take that on board

  • John Kamara

    I agree with you mukesh I do believe social media marketing is a non-stop process of learning and finding out new ways of making it work for your specific business.

  • John Kamara

    Thanks fred great point and I think the engagement model is a huge part of social media marketing.

  • Freddie Forrester

    Hi John, good work with the round up. A lot of pointers you mentioned are of great importance for beginners like me. I would further appreciate if you could shed some more light on customer engagement, online reputation management and brand related campaign. Thanks. Cheers!

  • Harry

    Asking friends and family for in investment money is a double-edged sword as you mentioned in the pros and cons in the article.I think there is still value in getting money from them especially in the early stage when not many others are willing to trust you and lend you money.

    My advice is to treat this like any other financial transaction and create a legal contract with appropriate terms and conditions even if you are borrowing at zero percent interest. It will help maintain good relationship.

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