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Blogging For A Business: My Strategy

Just thought I would share how I go about blogging for a company. I am currently working for I’m aware that there are plenty of other strategies to explore.

When choosing what to write about, I acquire a list of all the top keywords people search for before they arrive on our website. Google Keyword Tool can provide you with such a list, and from there I write an article for as many of those keywords as I can. Once I cover these, I have a good understanding of what I am writing about and can advance from there.

It is a good idea to study what people are searching for when looking for content related to your website. This way it is easy to know what keywords, subjects you should be concentrating on. This may seem a lot, but if Google and other Search Engines know I am updating the site regularly with good relevant content, it will pay off .

Once I know what to write about, I research it and write about it in a way that people who are unfamiliar with the topic can easily understand it. I also add any information that I feel is important, as well as my own thoughts or opinions if it is necessary.

Another tactic I use to gather content for the blog is to involve users of the website (People who use our service). By doing this, it is an easy and effective way to produce content that not only will be spread by  online but also, the user.

Once I am happy with my post, I add some sort of relevant image and an appropriate title based on the keyword research. Then it’s time to post it on Twitter and Facebook, using a Twitter and a Facebook plugin that I have installed on the Blog. The better my content is the better chance I have of it spreading the word. This way I hope to achieve more visitors and back-links to the website.

What’s your strategy?

I am currently a student at the University of Limerick studying for a BA of Science in Digital Media Design.

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  • Thanks for sharing Daniel.
    While we work and come across different articles, new ideas pop up. It’s very useful to use a Google Doc spread sheet that you can share with everybody in the office and have a list of all potential upcoming blog posts. This will be very handy to tackle , what seems to be a typical problem: “What do I blog about?”

  • I’ll look into Google Keyword tool – sounds like a good resource.

  • “Another tactic I use to gather content for the blog is to involve users of the website” I think that this is a great idea, & not only should we use users but we should be looking at ways in which we can get users/readers to create content. Nice post Daniel!

  • If you want to monitize your site, sign up for Google Adwords.

    Then look at the prices advertisers are paying for keywords. Write your web pages/posts around these.

    It’s a very effective strategy is you write/promote very tailored posts.

    …and it’s free!

  • Well Daniel I use Google keywords as well…but I look for monthly searches under 10,000. So I have a greater chance of it going to the front page.I also use a lot of outbound links (links linking to other sites) and inbound links (links linking to me) in my posts. Ironically, both help SEO tremendously. And if use a lot of outbound links there’s a good chance that someone may link back to me.I’m not as big a fan of Facebook and Twitter as I am of Digg. I’ve used all three and have found much better traffic in Digg. I haven’t gotten to the front page yet…but I’m on my way 😉

  • Thanks for the comments all. @Mike, “use a lot of outbound links there’s a good chance that someone may link back to me.” Good thinking, thats something I should start including more of.
    Thanks again, Cheers . . .

  • Personally, I say screw the keywords (even though I probably shouldn’t). I write what I want to read and let the rest follow. It’s working for me so far. You can check out what I’ve written at

    Great post.

  • Try it…see what happens

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