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Simple tips to produce online video. Part 2

In my last post I mentioned four core steps to deliver online video (Planning, filming, editing and distributing)

In this second part I’ll go through the last two:


I promised you plain English so I won’t mention hundreds of video editing softwares or on-demand platforms. Instead, I’ll introduce you to a FREE and effective tool to get started that all of us have included in our Windows packages already: Windows Movie Maker.

Have a look at this quick video. The tool is really simple!

[youtube width=”375″ height=”284″][/youtube]

More likely, your digital camera or camcorder will record on .AVI or .MOV (Mac) formats.

MOV is great and ideal if you work with Mac software, however it can become a bit tricky and incompatible depending on the video editing tool. For example, Windows Movie Maker does not accept .MOV 🙁

For more advanced options you have “avs4you” editor (One fee of €50) or Camtasia Studio ideal for screen recording as well


After taking the time to plan, shoot and edit your video, it’s the moment where you need to start thinking how will you spread the news.
As I mentioned before, if you don’t have a You Tube account, go get one! After you upload the video you must enter a good, engaging title, a description and good tags. Search engines don’t know what’s in the video unless you tell them.
Besides online video production , the idea is that you spend some quality time building a community around your business in the social networking sites chosen to represent your company or organisation. From all that community building exercise, there will be a lot of people “listening” to you in the different networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) and will play an important role in helping you distribute your content. This “quality” network that you’ll build will not be grown overnight. As you did with the video, think about your audience, your message and engage!

You will find online, loads of video softwares and platforms for a fee to spread your video everywhere. Spend some time analysing and comparing what they promise to deliver since this area is full of offers and it could be confusing.
To keep things simple, I recommend a fantastic tool that we use and also online video gurus like Gary Vaynerchuk: It’s called TubeMogul.
Imagine if you could upload your video just ONCE and then select all the video platforms that you want to send your video to (You Tube, Viddler, Vimeo, BlipTV, etc)? That’s leverage. Remember though that you need to open an account with each of the video platforms before you can do it in one shot through TubeMogul.

Watch the short video below to find out all the other things that this great platform can do for you!

OK, so here’s what you do in order:

  1. Finish your video. (Think about sharing that in your blog. This way, if your blog is hosted within your domain, you’ll also benefit from the traffic 🙂
  2. Upload it to You Tube or directly onto TubeMogul to spread it simply to all other video sites. IMPORTANT: make sure that you enter the appropriate title, description and tags for your video . Search engines don’t know what’s in the video unless you tell them!
  3. If this video is part of a campaign or a core message that you want to send accross, you may want to consider sharing this video through an email marketing campaign. I suggest a fantastic and simple tool called Mailchimp. You’ll fall in love with these guys.
  4. Send a consistent message (make sure that the link to your video has a title so people know what the content is about) through all your social networking platforms (Twitter, Bebo, Facebook, LinkeIn, etc). As I mentioned, the success of spreading your content in any of these networks will depend on the level of engagement that you currently have withg your community. If the relationship is fresh and healthy, then a lot of people will help you spread even more your content 🙂
  5. Measure: Have a look at YouTube and TubeMogul “insights” to track view, level of engagement and popularity of your video content. You may also export those metrics to an Excell spread sheet.

I hope that the post was of good help. Now, don’t be shy, leave a comment below and share this post!



Fred is Creative Director at Channelship, a strategic web and social media agency. He is responsible for leading web projects and conducting social media training and strategy for companies. He works directly with key accounts, particularly in creative and strategic capabilities. Fred is also a Co-Founder here at

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  • Hi Fred, I’ve really enjoyed & learned from this series. Thanks for making video so clear & practical, I’m guessing there will a lot more of us trying video after this. Cheers man.

  • Anonymous

    Super Post! I love TubeMogul it has got me to post video on sites I would not have known about or quite frankly not bothered with. And as a result have more traffic coming to my site.

  • Good to know mate. Yes, TubeMogul has proven to be a great tool. It’s got a few little limitations like video length, upload mode, but I guess they do it on purpose to get people on the paid version 🙂

  • Thanks man. Hopefully!! I always enjoy when people in business dare to try online video 🙂

  • Anonymous

    great stuff Fred. Really great series. Lots of stuff in there for me to use.

  • Thanks Fred….very useful post! I am just about to venture into the world of videos, so all very handy. Keep up the great work.

  • Anonymous

    Good follow up post Fred. You certainly chunk it down for an aspiring Speilberg like myself. Got to get my act together as I still have “buy a tripod” on my to do list since your last post.


  • @Paul ahaha, thanks man… but remember: You can’t be Speilberg if you keep postponing the tripod! 🙂

    @DiviCommsTrust @Frank Thanks! There’s still time to get into video and be different. In the near future everybody will be doing it. Enjoy!

  • Hi Fred,
    great resources thanks – have already signed up with Tube – Mogul – off now to figure it out :-/

  • You’re very welcome! Hope you enjoy TM 🙂

  • John Twohig

    Ask for the business, the biggest failure of people because they fear rejection…Good post.

  • Pawel Grabowski

    Thank you John 🙂

  • Thank you Tori, I appreciate that.

  • It is so tempting to use models that have existed and been successful previously, far easier than re-inventing the wheel. But John, your point about “being the rival” is the key here. A great book by Oren Harari “Break from the Pack” covers this topic in detail and is an inspirational read for anyone who wants to literally break from the pack 🙂

    I even attended a business mastermind programme based on this very concept

    Welcome to TYB John, great post

  • Congrats on the link!

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