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I’m a Social Media Specialist and this is just MySpace

In light of the recent post by Catherine Connors about becoming less stressed I decided to take some time out, well I tried and here was what I came up with and said I would share :). I hope you enjoy and find some of the links useful.

Each day I stumble upon lots of blogs,
And often find nice people I would like to meet,
Then at the end of every day I go to sleep with my favourite facebook,
And think of twitter when I wake and hear birds tweet,

All day long through wikis I do digg,
Googling and buzzing before I do the dishes,
I’m always searching lots of UGC
And think it’s just del.ic.ious

I’m often plondering* instead of pondering,
And questioning where next I go people,
If my next blog will be mashable or bashable,
Or whether i’ll increase my followers using tweeple

I’m passing each and every furlong,
Always making sure I’m LinkedIn,
Sometimes I get with the pace,
But hey! I’m a social media specialist,
And this is just My Space

*is a pun on the name of a social media application theme that I use to set up business/content specific social network sites.

Hope you enjoyed it and that it might have made you smile 🙂

Director of social media for an International Bestselling Author. Check out my site for more information.

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  • It has 🙂

  • nice one ! thanks Elaine 🙂

  • I love this post Brian…. 🙂 how did that ‘time out’ feel?

  • cheers Catherine,

    it felt pretty good 🙂 I even took some more !

  • Anonymous

    Love it Brian, and it did make me smile 😀

  • nice one 🙂 thanks Mags

  • Good post Aileen and good tips re the financial information we should be checking each week in order to keep an eye on cashflow

  • Tlfromdet

    Good post Aileen. Have you ever heard of I have heard good things about this company. 

    woo hoo! got a mention here – see the Bill Clinton section

  • “There is something about the physical effort of writing that helps the brain to process the information I think” Great observation, Helen! I think it is because it gets us to slow down and really listen. Thanks for the comment – Niall

  • Hi Niall,
    Writing forces us to think at a slower pace, thereby helping the information to “stick” better. I certainly takes notes in all meetings, whether with the iPad, or on paper (there is something about writing on paper that is fulfilling)
    I feel it also reassures the (potential) client, like your point 3 above.
    It also allows us to refer back to earlier points “earlier you mentioned….” and can really help re-focus the client if they tend to go off on a tangent 🙂
    Interesting points…

  • Some great points there, Elaine. Thanks for sharing your experience and insight. Another one that perhaps I should have mentioned is that note taking allows you to easily summarise at the end of the meeting. I often find when I do so that this prompts the person to add even further details. 

  • Great topic for discussion! I am a pen and paper note taker myself. I feel with all the data floating around in my head, the distractions etc. I need the pen & paper notes. I ask lots of mindful questions about the business and note taking allows me to be a better listener and remember key points. I think it also frees creative thinking. There are probably studies on this. Taking notes and asking the right questions demonstrates credibility to the person sitting in front of you.

  • Hi Andrea, thank you for the great comment! Your point about creative thinking is really interesting, I hadn’t thought of that but I reckon you’re right. I must go find out 🙂

  • I think taking notes is good for you.It doesn’t matter which meeting you are going to attend.Your reasons to take notes are really good.Some time our mind is so tired at that time we are not able to remind every points in our mind so in that situation note taking is best way to remind all things in proper way. I enjoy at the time of reading your post.Its really an informative & interesting post.Keep sharing with us in future too.

  • Dermot

    Hi Niall, I absolutely concur with your comments.
     Recently I have noticed sales people using a laptop to record their notes in Wordpad or similar. This may be very efficient and helpful for posting into say, CRM application. However, main problem I would have with it it is,the screen/lid of the laptop behaves like a physical barrier between you and the client. If you and the client are on opposite sides of the desk, there is already a barrier there.When you do later go to record your notes into the CRM, I often find that I will remember other aspects of the conversation, that I did not record, and can now enter them also into CRM.Dermot

  • I always take written notes, Niall, during face-to-face meetings.  When I’m with clients or people I know I’ll often use my laptop since I can type faster than I can write.

    I also take notes during literally every business phone call I have.  I currently have 1,700 Outlook Journal items with significant details of more than 2500 phone calls. What’s great is that they are searchable! 

    Your number 5 above is important. I always go into meetings with a plan, and often questions.  Having them in front of me is a big plus.

  • happy to see your post..

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