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5 Words to Sell Your Business

As a business owner, you pay a lot of attention to the look of your business, whether it’s a beautifully designed website, polished product displays or a glossy brochure.  But the words you choose to describe your business can have just as powerful an effect on your customers. The words you choose paint a picture of your business. They transmit the message you want your business to convey.

Here are five words which will give you the brush strokes you need to paint a vivid picture of your business and lure your potential customers.

Showcase – an elegant word which implies that you’re giving customers a flavour of the best your business has to offer.

You – addressing your customer directly strikes a friendly tone and makes them feel connected to you.

Sparkle – indicates dynamism, adds a hint of glamour.

Essential – shows that your product or service isn’t just important, it’s indispensible to your clients.

Enable – shows that your product or service gives your clients the power to act for themselves and change their own lives.

With these words, you’ll be able to create dazzling, dynamic copy that will linger in the minds of your customers and help them choose your products above all others.

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Every business has a story. Your story helps your business stand out from the crowd. It's your story that customers ultimately buy into. I help businesses tell their story using a three-step process. Define the story: Identify what you do, how you do it and above all, why you do it? Refine the story: Decide who's interested in your story and where to spread the word. Deliver the story: through blogs, newsletters, mailshots, social media posts, press releases and brochures.

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  • Hi Derbhile,
    They are great words – they beat “dynamic”, “innovative” and other “we can do everything for you, just call us” words.
    They are on my list for re-writing my website content, thanks.

  • I really like “Enable” or perhaps more importantly the idea behind it. Too often we focus of what we can do rather than what we can enable the customer to do/achieve.

  • I gotta vote for “You” + the results you are going to deliver. That is a powerful statement. Unfortunately, many of these others have lost their value to snake oil marketing and sales. At least with “You” you’re telling the client you are willing to put it all on the line–with real measurements.

    Great post! We need to always be thinking about words that sell.

  • Anonymous

    Great post. Great powerful stand out words. I echo Elaine’s point that they outshine the “dynamic” bland type words. Maybe it was Elaine’s post on birds (Magpies), but the word “Sparkle really caught my eye.

  • Timing is everything Derbhile as this is something I’m working on at the moment. Very useful – thankyou!

  • nice post Derbhile, I tried to put them into an anogram so that I could remember them but the best I could come up with was “Showcase You SEE”

  • Very nice! I have used the word “Enable” in the tagline of my website. Now to incorporate more to paint that vivid picture you mentioned. Thanks for your tips!

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