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Two innovative ways to market your brand and products

I spend a lot of hours online and come across many different examples and strategies on how to market products and services on the web.

I usually bookmark those that are really innovative, creative and full of value for immediate or future reference.
Today I want to share with you two brilliant ones:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is a serial entrepreneur that has made out of his Wine Library TV a multi-million dollar business. Along with that success, he built a massive self-brand, so powerful that his advice and content became very valuable.

He recently launched a great book called “Crush it” (Tips and strategies to leverage the power of the web to grow your business).
When I went to his site , I realised that his book had a dedicated website called: (A better way to make the users focus their attention in that specific product, right?)

crush it

Through this site, he sells “the experience” and constantly leverages the power of video to communicate the concept even better.
Finally, you arrive to a page where Gary presents 4 irresistible offers and each one of them have their short, explanatory video. What a brilliant idea!!!! I thought.. if I was a writer I would IMMEDIATELY use a similar technique to spread the value of my book and story and have my audience engage with me (the author) more and more. Click on the image below to have a closer look at what the offers are…

experience crush it

IKEA, Sweden

I found this campaign extremely cool. I won’t say much since the video explains the story perfectly well.

This is a very innovative, creative and FREE. It’s a way to leverage the web (in this case, Facebook) to reach thousands of users and engage them with your brand and products…

What do you think about these examples?

Feel free to share any other examples of innovative marketing in the comments below 🙂



Fred is Creative Director at Channelship, a strategic web and social media agency. He is responsible for leading web projects and conducting social media training and strategy for companies. He works directly with key accounts, particularly in creative and strategic capabilities. Fred is also a Co-Founder here at

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  • Thanks for the post Fred. I’ve read Gary as well and see the significant branding he has created using the methods you describe. The IKEA one is clever as well. Video is an innovative (and free!) way of marketing your business. Random video’s cast up without any sort of plan in terms of what your business might want to get out of it is not any good though – there needs to be a game plan for how you want to use video to achieve a “result” – whatever that may be.

  • Can’t agree more Barney. You can definitely tell that IKEA and Gary did the homework, it’s the key to success. They knew already (before executing) that it was going to look good and be successful 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for highlighting these case studies Fred. At the moment I’m looking for examples of effective use of SMM in the legal profession. Any good examples, thoughts?

  • Thanks Una.
    I don’t remember any of these specific case studies out the top of my head now but these three bloggers could point you in the right direction:



  • Anonymous

    Excellent – thanks Fred. @ubfid
    Fergus O’Rourke, in Cork is a very nice example. I did suggest to him that he might be interested in blogging on bloggertone on one of his areas of expertise – defamation in the online space.

  • Cool!! great stuff Una. Thanks.
    It’d be great to have someone to start blogging about those topics indeed…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Fred

    I really like the IKEA video – both really simple and really smart use of social media. Thank you for bringing these inspirational examples to us – now of to get the brain cells working to focus all this inspiration!


  • Great post Lewis! About the logo thing… You’d be surprised how many people think a logo design is their “brand”

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Fred. And yes, I know, I know…… (sigh)…sad, isn’t it.

  • Lewis, Bloggertone is starting to partially replace my morning read of the papers and with posts like this, I can see why: well written with wonderful examples and points raised. “Corporate image” generally has taken a battering of late. The man on the street would be forgiven for thinking that Ireland’s power brokers both corporate and political had lost the run of themselves. Story after story of greed and corruption has created an image that will now take a generation to put right. Wonderful post!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Niall. Yes, it’s an interesting situation. People always see through an image that doesn’t fit the reality, but unfortunately the realisation is often a bit late in coming. It’s just so important to be conscious of the image and messages you are sending out, especially at a time when trust has been abused to such an extent. And as you say, you can’t put a quick sticking plaster over the damage and hope everything will be OK. It takes time, but it makes life a lot easier for those that get it right, and instead of having to constantly push for business, you can start attracting it.

    Lastly. Thank you, Naill, for this great initiative – Bloggertone. It is definitely part of the re-building process for all who come here.

  • Anonymous

    We just booked our flights! Anyone fancy joining us?

    Love the video, by the way!


  • Yes please – somewhere hot and tropical!

  • Thanks for the feedback Elaine. Great idea – take the holidays in the “lull” to minimise risk of losing opportunities – nice one.

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