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Why Communicate Through Video?

Video is the most engrossing and persuasive medium and has exploded as a communications currency over the past few years. Communicating through video gives us an opportunity to show potential clients that we are professional, likeable and trustworthy. This is crucial to growing businesses because it’s proven that people will buy from others that they like and trust.

Since 93% of communications effectiveness comes from how we look and sound rather than what we say (Professor Albert Mehrabian, UCLA), non-verbal signals such as facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and tone of voice are crucial. Video – unlike e-mail and text – empowers us to use these to influence buying decisions by educating the viewer about our products and services, personalising our companies and building our brands.

So why the growth in video communications and what is its relevance to growing our businesses? Check out this video for possible answers:

The benefits of video marketing are extensive. Not only does it provide an additional marketing message outlet, but it also satisfies the audience’s desire for interactivity and ‘on-demand’ content.

Here’s a way for you to decide for yourself what video can do to help grow your business. Find a company that supplies products/services similar to yours and has video content on its website. Watch the videos and ask yourself how they influence your decision about whether or not to buy from that company. Then look at your own website and consider how similar audio-visual content would help you connect with new clients. If I can be of any help in generating ideas to meet your specific needs, I’d love to hear from you: Director [at] FionaAshe [dot] com.

Video facilitates us to communicate our message effectively via so many platforms, including:
• corporate videos
• ads / promos streamed on the internet and mobile phones
• videos of our events, presentations and conferences
• podcasts / video podcasts of media interviews
• video blogs
• video testimonials

Final Tip: authenticity is the core of communicating!

In Part 2: Video Testimonials – Your Customers Are Your Best Sales People!

What are your thoughts in the meantime?

Fiona Ashe is an award-winning Film Director, Screenwriter, Script Editor/Reader, Video Trainer, Social Media Trainer, Copywriter, & Keynote Speaker. She also has experience as a Broadcast Journalist and PR Officer. Her specialist skills include directing, filming, editing, writing, interviewing and keynote speaking.

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  • Hi Fiona I agree completely with your comments on how persuasive the video medium is, however although you’ve included a video clip, if you had delivered the textual content of this blog article as a video blog it would have increased the impact.

  • Anonymous

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