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Some modern lenders are parsing your social media profile in order to determine your trustworthiness. Here’s how you can prepare.

Think about the importance of your online reputation and more specifically, is it really what it should be? If the answer is no on both ends, then you definitely have some work to do moving forward.

Recently, it seems that we are reading about a new social media crisis happening to some well known brand at least every other week. We, here in Ireland have also suffered our fair share with even our recent presidential election ultimately decided by what we lovingly refer to as the Twitter machine.

Assuming you love to tweet, have you ever stopped for a minute to ask whether or not you own your Twitter account, especially in cases where it is used for both personal and professional promotion?

That is the question…. However it’s a question that seems a little clouded regarding the Office Christmas Party, in the following article I hope will give a few guidelines to those who will attend their office party the stress free way. But also for companies/businesses on how they expect their staff to behave at such events.

With the holiday shopping season under way and about to get in full swing very soon, small business retailers better have had their marketing plans written, gift wrapped and delivered long before now.

Given today’s social media age, dealing with angry customers doesn’t just come any longer in the form of a letter or a phone call.

Many Companies have rushed into Social Media with no real understanding of how it works, what sites will work best for their business and are blissfully unaware of the potential damage they can do to their brand on such a big stage…

Facebook is growing at a pronominal rate and now with over 1.7 million Irish Facebookers it’s become a busy place. There has been a massive increase on the number of business pages on Facebook. I very often click the Like button spontaneously and never return to that page…

Anti Social Media

Okay so social media has taken the business world by storm. Many of us have embraced Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Despite some mistakes along the way we have learned that social media…