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Amidst all the screams of “I love you Nick!” and “Marry me Brian!”, I was thinking about how great businesses are actually a lot like the Backstreet Boys.

In order to make 2012 a profitable year, there are some things that small business owners can do to help assist their companies in starting off on the right foot.

With the holiday shopping season under way and about to get in full swing very soon, small business retailers better have had their marketing plans written, gift wrapped and delivered long before now.

In today’s Internet driven world, having a good SEO campaign is a necessity in order to market your brand and services online. Without a strong SEO plan, your company can be left behind in a short matter of time.

I travelled to Rome on Thursday 10th June via Dublin Airport with our good friends Ryanair. I normally rate my Ryanair experience successful…

Anyway as part of the sales pitch the author talked about how so many businesses present a product/service with all the nice finishes, the nice package, but that it is nothing better than dog cr*p

Because our creativity is like a muscle that we don’t flex very often, it can get a bit flabby…

Linkedin is a very powerful business tool. It’s wonderful for Networking, Personal Branding, Sales & Marketing, Job Seeking, Recruiting and More!