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The importance of understanding risk management and implementing the proper risk management plan cannot be overstated in protecting a company’s assets.

Most ideas never get converted into successful business. What are the keys to building a lasting business for start-ups?

The beginning of the year is a good time to dust down your business and give its strategy a good, honest workout. Like our physical selves, post-Christmas indulgence, this time of the year provides a great opportunity to banish bad habits and get ourselves fitter… the same rationale applies to business, and strategy.

Having a great idea or spotting an acquisition bargain is a long way from getting a business out of the zero zone and into profits though. Some folk get so fired up about their new idea that they forget to check the limiting factors. This post looks at some of the classic mistakes that start-up enthusiasts are making at the moment.

So why do we spend all that time and resource doing a job that a convenient tool can do for us using a fraction of the time and resources? Well I will let you answer that one for yourself and meanwhile let’s look at a few simple approaches we can take to our business that provide a bit of TLC, DIY style!

This is the time of the year where most people have moments of nostalgia; we look back on the past with Rose Tinted glasses and reminisce about the good old days, phrases such as ‘no school like the old school’ and ‘they were the good old days’ float around.

When we set up in business we often have so much to do that in that process itself that our attention is pretty scattered.

This two-letter word has the ability to create value, conserve resources, and ultimately define your business- but only if you use it properly…


Investing in business takes many different forms. Time, finance, education, expansion to name just a few. To be successful at business usually requires a combination of all of the above and more.


Last time I covered the acronym “BUSINESS”. The post received a few good comments so this time I’ll cover: Mentor…