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If your retail staff are lounging around, it’s time to whip them into shape with these tips.

In the last few years, email has become the boogie man of work efficiency. Executives everywhere are struggling to achieve the much coveted inbox zero, some companies are making attempts to stop after-hours emails, and others are trying to completely eradicate email from their organization. What was first hailed as a great communication source turned out to be the nightmare of many knowledge workers. So how did email turn out to be the bad guy?

The term workforce management comprises all the elements involved in this complex process, including employee scheduling, time and attendance, payroll and benefits, performance management, and HR administration ─ just to name a few.

Social Media in the workplace is a topic that has come about in the past number of years, and is causing increasing concerns for organisations in terms of management of employees and data protection issues.

Now is the perfect time to organize your business so that you start the new year with a clean and organized slate (or office, as it were).

Probability in management, or life for that matter, means that you can’t be sure about anything more than 99,999…% unless infinity or zero exist and we still don’t know that (There is some shady business with black holes but let’s not go there).

Procrastination is a seriously bad habit that most of us have. Productivity in the workplace is hampered by this attitude. Projects and tasks get delayed by this and the efficiency of the workplace is compromised because of the minimal work being done.

With the temptations of slacking off, munching on cookies and snagging some great holiday deals online, when could there possibly be time to work?

As we trade in the industrial age for the information age, the idea of the solitary worker is coming to an end. Problems require teams, not individuals, to solve.

If your small business has an agenda for aggressive growth, here are 6 creative and cost-effective ways of increasing productivity.