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One key trend defining market evolution today is the penetration and widespread adoption of contract management systems (CMS).

Got the 5 most valuable players on your entrepreneur dream team? Here’s an entrepreneur’s guide to getting the right people in the right seats on your bus.

How do we build mutual business negotiations? Is it even possible to close a deal that is beneficial for all parties involved? Surprisingly, yes it is.

When we hear the words ‘buy-in’ – what are we thinking? Oftentimes, it’s about getting financial backing, or the support of a board-member or investor, perhaps an enterprise agency’s commitment to our proposal or proposition. In every instance, buy-in comes down to securing a key outcome by bringing people with you and successfully communicating your story.

In the age of Facebook, Kickstarter and Groupon, startup teams are getting younger, more ambitious and diverse, but the synergy amongst team members are not always there. This is why even the most innovative and creative startups can learn from established companies about effective human capital management and team development.

You can learn so much about entrepreneurship from Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and my favorite character of them all, mister serial entrepreneur himself, Gustavo Fring.

Business partnerships are a lot like getting married. You’re grinning like a fool at the alter one day, but somewhere down the line you start to wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into.

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