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“Oh no!  It’s that time of year.  The people in human resources want my employee performance reviews within the next […]

Recently I sat down with Jay Niblick, author of the best-selling book What’s Your Genius – How the Best Think […]

Recently I sat down with Jay Niblick, author of the best-selling book What’s Your Genius – How the Best Think for Success in the New Economy and the Owner of Innermetrix, Inc., to talk about the two significant concepts within What’s Your Genius. This is the first of a two-part interview.

Team building efforts in business often vary dependent on the type of organization, the number of individuals in a team, […]

Let’s look at the five worst employee engagement strategies (perhaps ever), and analyse just what these businesses should have done in order to boost morale and performance.

People view managers differently than leaders; that managers, by virtue of their focus on following process inhibit change, creativity, initiative, and innovation; that they don’t, well, they don’t lead. Sounds scary huh? Well, let me ask you do we need managers to bring our businesses to growth and success in this new economy? or do we need leaders; leaders who will work with their employees to create a vision for growth and success?

This article will partly explain why it has such a large fan base and captured the imagination of many. Either way, read on to discover how the principles and tenets behind this episodic scifi franchise present some useful lessons in both leadership and management.

There is extensive information, theories, and perspectives available about employee motivation. Here are 10 that I found particularly inspiring. I hope you enjoy – and agree. Please feel free to share your most significant motivational practices in the comment section below.

In this interview Kupersmith explains why he started Source Consulting, what he has learnt on the way, how he has gained such great leadership qualities and gives advice to other entrepreneurs who have a big idea. I was particularly interested to hear about the Greater Good Initiative he has set up in the company.

We all know that it can be difficult enough to manage a business, even more so in this current climate. Now add to that mix raising young children while doing just that, and many people would raise their hands in despair and want to pull their hair out! In this post I hope to dispel the myth of the Supermum and explain why so many mothers should quit chasing the fairytale.

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