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In order to make 2012 a profitable year, there are some things that small business owners can do to help assist their companies in starting off on the right foot.

That is the question…. However it’s a question that seems a little clouded regarding the Office Christmas Party, in the following article I hope will give a few guidelines to those who will attend their office party the stress free way. But also for companies/businesses on how they expect their staff to behave at such events.

A good boss, like anything other good experience we have in life, can leave a lasting impression on us. But unlike horror stories often recounted about ‘bad’ bosses we don’t hear that many great stories about the ‘good’ boss.

Despite the fact it is 2011; many women still find roadblocks in their way as they rightfully look to obtain better jobs when qualified.

I’ve often heard people warn young emerging professionals about the dangers of being too ‘narrow’ in their professional capabilities.  I think […]

Take business guides, etiquette, rules and regulations. How rigidly do you stick to those rules and how many of them do you break and for what reason?

As more and more companies fight to get in the black and out of the red, what can you do to increase the morale of your employees on a daily basis?

There are three simple little changes we can implement into our mindset that helps us to move our negativity into positivity and the results we can get can be magical.

Perhaps the best solution for both sides of the equation is the addition of performance-based pay incentives that are closely tied to the company’s performance and bottom line

For women in emerging economies, it is often about being able to provide survival needs and more. For women in more developed economies, it may have been a necessity to bring more money for the family or being made redundant and timing was right to go for their dreams. Two interesting questions arise: 1) is there something all women business owners need? and 2) what do they need the most?