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As business owners and leaders, we have a choice to make at the end of the day. We can treat employees like liabilities, waiting for them to make a mistake so that we can pounce. Or, we can turn them into assets, by treating them with a firm but fair hand, empowering them to do their job, and then holding them accountable for their actions, either good or bad

When I was at Microsoft, we hired a creative thinking specialist on one occasion as our guest speaker at an event we held each year to review the trends in the technology industry and the marketing approaches we were using in support of our products. His name was Edward De Bono and he was a prolific writer in the area of creativity and innovative thinking.

Negotiations is one of those everyday ‘soft’ skills which the majority of people have some experience of but have probably never studied formally.

You can learn so much about entrepreneurship from Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and my favorite character of them all, mister serial entrepreneur himself, Gustavo Fring.

While many people think you have to sit around, waiting for inspiration to strike, recent research indicates that inspiration can be captured, manipulated, and even activated.

If we want to change our current direction, start a new initiative, or create new goals, we have to remember that change is hard. It is hard on us and it is hard on our employees or partners. The key is not to simply plow over the concerns that come up. Change is hard on people because our past has taught us that new things can be disastrous. If we simply try to ignore the warning sirens in our head or the groans from our team, change will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and indeed be disastrous.

Not all people can be a good company director, though most think they can. Here are 10 traits that contribute to the make up of a successful director.

Whether you’ve just opened your doors or you’ve been operating for years, it is up to you, the business owner, to make clear, effective decisions if your business is going to succeed. Let’s look at three questions that can make the difference between a wildly successful business and a smoldering hole in the ground.

Are you one of the forward-thinking employers or managers who loves to give workers incentives rather than be forced to hand out punishment? OSHA may have some harsh words for you: Stop it!

Women entrepreneurs are built to succeed! Here, Nellie Akalp tells why.