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And while it’s tough to imagine your venture ever going south, it’s well worth it to account for rough times. If you’re lucky, your business will thrive and grow without a hitch. But if you run into some trouble along the way, you’ll be glad you made a back-up plan.

Most experts on this topic of the use of technology at the university level believe the above trends are inevitable and it will dramatically change the nature of college education. The key reason is consensus management.

As a leadership coach I consistently am asked to help improve manager performance with managers in a variety of businesses.

Michael Scott on NBC’s “The Office” may just be the world’s worst boss. Take a look at the following 10 leadership traits you surely do not want to have.

A poorly functioning remote team can eat away at your effectiveness and completely destroy productivity. If even one of these problems is a persistent issue in your company, you’re better off calling the team home and focusing on working together in person.

You know those posts that tell you the traits of successful people? This is isn’t one of those posts. Often what is left out is the work and habits successful small business owners use to create their success. So, when you ask yourself, “what am I going to do?”, remember they had to do the work of finding what works for them. Becoming CEO of your small business means finding your “right” habits.

Summertime gets the short end of the stick when it comes to businesses. Shouldn’t we take this opportunity to assess our business and work on growing it?

Every now and then, a children’s story catches my attention in an unexpected way. Recently I was reading Aesop’s The Sun and the Wind.

Now you have employees, and suppliers. There are problems to solve. People who need your time. 1,001 decisions you need to make so important things happen on time. You have commitments!

Being a project manager isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a superhero job. And here are reasons why a project manager is like Batman.