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Microsoft just got its third CEO, quickly after Steve Balmer stepped down. Satya Nadella has taken over the job, which provides an even bigger change than when Steve Balmer took over for Bill Gates as CEO.

Olwen Dawe talks about the central, crucual role of communication in business and why every business should make sure their communication is clear.

Building a team requires thoughtful actions. I’ve listed my 7 favorite steps.

A successful international businessman and philanthropist, Tej Kohli has established three thriving organizations.

Have you got what it takes to win in corporate life? Here’s 5 reality-checks to get you moving in the right direction.

In Peter Senge’s book The Fifth Discipline, he talks about various learning disabilities that organizations have. The one I want to talk about here is referred to as The Myth of the Management Team.

Becoming an executive leadership coach is quite a journey when working with other managers and employees who needed to get on the same page.

Mindfulness and its benefits to leaders is a hot topic. Consider advantages of mindful management for less stress, productivity and a positive staff

“Culture” may have been the biggest buzzword of 2013. Culture is something leaders like to talk about all the time, but relatively few companies are actively investing in it

Six Sigma is complex in its applications, its core concepts are fairly basic guidelines, a rough understanding of which will be of great help in streamlining your company’s productivity, thereby increasing savings.