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“Employee wellness” seems to be a hot issue these days as healthcare is on the national agenda and companies are looking to be more attractive to potential employees

As many who run small businesses have come to find over time, they wish they would have spent some more time involving themselves in the hiring process, finding that the wrong candidate was hired without their knowledge.

Sickness in the workplace causes missed deadlines, sloppy work, and overall low morale. Luckily, catching the bug at work can be avoided, unlike those pesky awkward teenage adventures. Here are 5 tips to prevent you and your employees from getting sick.

Do you have someone in your office who oversees the dispensing of paychecks and other compensation needs, or do you have an outside agency handling such matters?

For most managers, having to fire people is a low point of their position. Truth be told, the situation promises to be slightly awkward and uncomfortable for each party involved, even more so for the employee.

A thriving business is within reach if you understand that hiring in 2013 improves business growth and performance.

In my job placement business these days we see an increasing number of applicants who are facing a career in transition in their professional career. Their long-time job has disappeared, perhaps their employer went out of business, their job was deemed unnecessary with advances in technology, or perhaps their employer did not have the resources to bring them back from a layoff.

The good news is that there are simple strategies that have been proven to boost employee engagement. Take the 30-day Engagement Booster Challenge

If you are in events, PR, media or even marketing, there’s a strong chance you have picked up some useful […]

What? How could a leadership coach say something like that you say? It’s easy. Listen to small business owners complain about customers who barter them down to a price proposal that’s unprofitable. Work with a small business owner who can’t tell you what their sales were for last year – but still want to make more this year and next.

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