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I travelled to Rome on Thursday 10th June via Dublin Airport with our good friends Ryanair. I normally rate my Ryanair experience successful…

So it’s only Tuesday night and you are still at the office, or you are on the Blackberry at home. Does this sound like a familiar story?

Take Care!

In talking to someone last week they described the way we’ve all reacted the economic pressures as similar to the process of grieving. It really struck a cord with me and I’ve been thinking about it since…

I believe LinkedIn has made networking more accessible to the masses. More importantly it offers a less daunting proposition than real world networking in a room full of strangers…

In most businesses, the learning and development budget is the FIRST place for cutbacks when times are hard. Why?

I coined the phrase a number of years back “M50 of the job market” to describe how I viewed targeting advertised jobs in the current job market. My comparison was very evident during a radio interview this morning (Wed 19th) on Newstalk when the MD of Eirgrid revealed they received 1000 calls in one afternoon for jobs announced back in 2009.

During a recent “Personal Branding” session with a job seeker we were looking at creative ways to get noticed in the marketplace and then it struck me! What if a job seeker created a professional newsletter updating agencies and employers on their latest activities?

Something that grates with me is why so many downright silly interview questions continue to be asked even though they are clearly pointless & invariably just waste time?? here are my
10 of the MOST STUPID interview questions EVER.

For many of us one of the most stressful and traumatic things that can happen in our life is being made redundant. Maybe a controlled explosion is the way to go to release these feelings?

Okay it’s competitive out there, lots of talent and not an abundance of jobs. That said, there are jobs and I have noticed more activity in the marketplace that I did in 2009.