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There are many options when it comes to financing and sourcing a company vehicle. See your options, and the benefits and pitfalls of each here.

Here are nine tips to help you investigate your overhead costs and ways in which you can cut back on them.

If you are looking to raise money, crowdfunding may be the answer. Here are the 3 most important aspects of crowdfunding success.

Going digital is a convenient and effective marketing strategy because of its low start-up costs, extensive reach and popularity.

When we hear the words ‘buy-in’ – what are we thinking? Oftentimes, it’s about getting financial backing, or the support of a board-member or investor, perhaps an enterprise agency’s commitment to our proposal or proposition. In every instance, buy-in comes down to securing a key outcome by bringing people with you and successfully communicating your story.

With the rise of crowdfunding, the barriers to entrepreneurship have tumbled quickly and the power of the internet has fuelled new businesses like never before.

The Executive Summary of your business plan is crucial – this article provides a 5 element format for crafting a compelling Executive Summary for your Business Plan

Some modern lenders are parsing your social media profile in order to determine your trustworthiness. Here’s how you can prepare.

Generally speaking, risk management is the process of identifying risks and taking proper action to minimize or prevent damage.

Did you run up a decent amount of personal debt over the years? Did you make some bad decisions in a prior business, therefore resulting in a large amount of credit card debt? Have you defaulted on one or more credit cards and essentially did not pay the bill?

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