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Difficult clients don’t want to read your FAQs. They want you to communicate and bring them into your company in a way that shows them the value you create.

Marketers can no longer assume that old customers will continue to buy. The competition is too heavy and good and services are too easy to acquire

Great customer service doesn’t have to be impossible to figure out. A well-crafted customer service policy is something businesses of all sizes should practice, day in and day out.

As an entrepreneur, sometimes you to have to fire a client. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it, so read this to avoid burning bridges.

I’ve heard other businesses say angry clients can be so difficult, many won’t even bother to deal with them. I’m talking about the nasty, abusive, annoying son-of-a-gun you just want to strangle.

In today’s competitive business environment, the customer is always right can be a fruitful relationship marketing strategy. Relationship marketing “focuses on building and maintaining long-term customer and brand loyalty.”

Being aware of difficult types of customers is vital to your overall success. Challenges with the public take a tremendous toll on workers these days.

The post-holiday rush can be just as daunting. Children’s toys that won’t be used get returned. Clothes that don’t fit or aren’t the right style get returned

It no longer pays to avoid implementing a data-driven marketing plan. The data you can mine from your customers helps you provide them with the experience they want, increasing sales and boosting your bottom line.

You cannont deny that call centers can skyrocket sales. That is a given. It is the reason why so many companies use them. The problem is that it is quite difficult to set up a call center that works really well.

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