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Design your business so it runs without you. Use your CEO Mindset and make your time, skills and energy be put to better use to grow a thriving business!

Now is a good time for small business owners to review the coverage they have when looking for a commercial auto insurance plan for their business

Did you run up a decent amount of personal debt over the years? Did you make some bad decisions in a prior business, therefore resulting in a large amount of credit card debt? Have you defaulted on one or more credit cards and essentially did not pay the bill?

In these days of cloud computing, online databases, and tablet PCs, the humble spreadsheet seems to have fallen somewhat out of fashion. During a recent project requirements gathering session, the IT expert in the room was telling people almost constantly that they had “too many spreadsheets”, and that he wanted to move everything possible into a database.

The following post is a joint collaboration between Elish Bul-Godley ( @elishbulgodley) and Christina Giliberti ( @CG_OnlineM) It’s The Environment Stupid!  A No Brainer […]

Planning ahead by setting up any emergency arrangements (charging up electronic devices, food, water, sandbags, etc.) is important for the duration of the severe event. However, the recovery period is where you see if your risk management plan will keep your small business from elimination.

There are lots of approaches to leadership development, with most focused on developing the leadership abilities of individuals.

For business success, everyone can help encourage colleagues towards goals. We review some types of business performance coaching, and techniques to help others perform.

Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is used in organizations as a strategy to bring about continuous organizational change. It is a systematic approach for continually improving all processes that deliver products and services. These can be incremental improvement to processes over time or dramatic for more immediate changes. All processes are continually reviewed in terms of their efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility.

“Oh no!  It’s that time of year.  The people in human resources want my employee performance reviews within the next […]

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