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7 Steps To Make Your Small Business More Efficient

To keep ahead of competition, your business needs to run efficiently. If your business does not follow current trends then it won’t succeed in the market. In simple terms, business efficiency means making the most out of what you have and how you can become a leader in the market.

As a small business owner, you should have core assets like cash, employees, vehicles, premises, and access to products and services but the most important aspect is how often these assets are delivering maximum efficiency for your business. We all know that “Efficiency” is more important for small and medium-sized businesses because their resources are limited compared to larger companies.

7 Steps To Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Here are a few tips which will definitely help your business to be efficient and also improve customer satisfaction, plus stay ahead of the competition. If you implement these tips then going forward you should be improving the efficiency of your business.

#1. Outsource non-core activity

You may not have expertise in all activities such as human resource management, administration, accounting related functions, payroll, and Employee Benefit Administration functions. Therefore outsourcing these activities is the best way to run the business more efficiently. As a small business you can partner with outsourcing firms in order to find the best deal.

When you outsource your non-competency or non-core activity functions to any other third party organization that specializes in these particular areas, you experience increased efficiency and productivity in non-core business processes.

#2. More Focus on Core Activity

Core activities are essential and vital for any organization. If the organization puts extra effort and time into those activities, it would be helping you keep ahead of competitors.

By outsourcing your non-core business activities to a third party, you would be able to manage your time and limited resources more efficiently and focus completely on your core business practices. As a small business owner, your company has limited resources in terms of time and cash. Moreover, it is more productive for a business to use all resources at their disposal in performing activities that directly increase the profits.

#3. Make Your Office Employee Friendly

Employees are happier if they like their office space. Apart from the all other aspects, it’s mandatory to ensure that the employee works in a comfortable and healthy environment. That means providing an environmentally-friendly workplace not only improves employee satisfaction, but also will actually save money after the initial outlay, and improves your standing as a green business.

#4. Implement Quality Management Systems

Many companies downsized during the slow market, and now that the market is coming back, a lot of small business owners will find themselves trying to keep up with growing demand while maintaining quality and profitability. To grow your business more efficiently you will need to implement a quality management system. Companies with a structured quality management system will be better prepared to take these on while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and profitability.

#5. Develop a long-term technology plan

The process of replacing legacy hardware with new ones can interrupt your employees and bring the office to a standstill but at the same time this will increase the efficiency of employees. Plus you can carefully determine short and long-term business objectives and work with your network vendor to deploy technology that matches them.

#6. Employee Morale

The employee is the key asset for any organization and keeping them happy will do more for your company than anything else you do. Beside normal benefits and salary available to employees, you should consider adding some small perks like a break room, one time breakfast, two time tea, office accessories, T-shirts or other freebies, or even rent a theater for employees to watch the latest box office hit.

#7. Track Productivity on a Regular Basis

There are many ways to keep track of productivity. Some of them are daily reporting, keep meetings to about once a week and keep them short and to the point. By doing this you will be able to manage and track everything in time and can deliver maximum business output.

Have you any suggestions for improving your business efficiency?

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Kristan Ashly is a management principle at, USA. She loves to write about quality management, small business and process improvement. She has written many articles on small business and quality management system in last five years.

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  • Liesha Petrovich

    Nice article Kristan. The recession certainly forced my business to become more efficient. Even now that the economy is better, I could go back to the way things used to be. But I love having a streamlined business. I’m more conscious of waste and focus on minimalism. That’s one good thing that came out of the recession.

  • Welcome to Tweak your Biz Kristan. You’ve povided some important tips for small business and I especially agree with points 1 & 2. Thank you for sharing this info with our community

  • Thanks for sharing this article Kristan. My additional tip would be:Establish a good relationship with your employees-As a business owner, you should have a good relationship with your employee by listening to their ideas or suggestions. This can help increase your business’ productivity and revenue and lower turnover.

  • kristan ashly

    Thank you Sian for publishing my article. Yes I hope all point will be helpful for small business owner.

  • kristan ashly

    Thanks for reading article. Yes, I agree with your point “Establish a good relationship with your employees-As a business owner”.

  • kristan ashly

    Thank you for your time to read whole article. Yes you’re right.

  • Helen Harris

    Hi, thank you for a nice article. If i may add 2 things: 1. a good business concept, in my mind, that is a start base for everything. Documented concept, clear and communicated to all staff involved. In my company we had a slogan “what is not documented, will never work” and for being independent to your own staff too, because it may happen that we hire some and later we realise that it was not the right one or the person does not like the concept and leaves. Have most important business routines documented. Once it is documented, it helps in case you need to hire someone new to explain, to teach how things are functioning and as well it makes you more “Independent”. And one more point regarding the IT part, have a good system for archiving. That is really important too, the e-archiving.
    We spend a lot of time to find needed files, or a specific topic when we are looking through a long business report or a contract, this all could be managed easily if you have a right scanning and text recognition solution. Once you have scanned it all with a right software, it will take you only few seconds to find the right file or topic, even the document was archived some months or years ago. We use ExactScan. Sorry if my message is too long. I really like business stuff topics:)

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