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9 Of The Best Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Want to turn your team into the A team? Economists from the University of Warwick in the UK and a German university found that happier people are roughly 12% more productive than their less happy peers. What happy means in a business context usually involves fewer LOLs and more $$$s but money is only one part of the equation. Employees are also motivated by feelings of ownership, the knowledge that their contributions are understood and valued and yes, things as simple as a Keurig in the break room.

9 Of The Best Ways To Increase Employee Productivity

Here are nine of the best ways to enhance productivity at your company:

#1. Embrace Change

Loyalty to established processes may actually be holding employees back if they’re spending time on tasks that are out of date or no longer relevant to your business. A regular review of department processes to eliminate useless busywork ensures that no employee is feeling secretly resentful for having his or her time wasted.

#2. Lend an Ear

Employees who believe they not only have a voice in an organization but can also be a source of positive change are going to be more productive… provided their contributions are acknowledged. Listen to what employees have to say and when they have great ideas, give them credit.

#3. Offer Upgrades

Companies that take advantage of affordable customizable business cell phone plans from companies such as T-Mobile and give employees access to the hottest smartphones and tablets may gain up to nine hours of added productivity. There’s another somewhat backhanded bonus here. Company devices can blur the lines between office and home making employees more likely to do things like check email or answer calls after hours.

#4. Feed Them

You’d be surprised at how much productivity boosting power you can get out of a free lunch. Staff meals boost morale because they give colleagues a chance to talk more unreservedly – pizza and problem solving just go together.

#5. Be Flexible

About office hours, that is. If yours isn’t a business that requires on-site employee coverage at specific hours, giving employees a little more control over their own schedules is an easy way to boost productivity. After all, people work harder when they’re allowed to work during the hours they feel most energetic and inspired.

#6. Fuel Growth

Your employees have career goals. Find out where your hardest working ones want to be in five years, then help them get there. They’ll work harder since they know you’ve got a stake in their game and they’ll be more likely to stay with the company in the long run.

#7. Limit Meetings

A company-wide rule that sets limits on how many meetings can be held and when cuts down on meetings that are called when an email would have sufficed. Pointless meetings do more than waste the scheduled hour – the term “meeting recovery syndrome” refers to the time employees spend clicking through email, reading Facebook and otherwise avoiding work to cool off after frustratingly pointless meetings.

#8. Give Time

As in time off. It may seem counterintuitive that a day off can inspire days of increased productivity but it’s true! A well-rested employee will be more productive than one who is tired, stressed and teetering on the edge of burn out. Reward employees who put in 110% with a little extra down time.

#9. Cash Out

Your employees are there to make money and that means that the best incentive you can give them is more of it. Whether that’s bonus checks that are linked to performance or an Employee of the Week program that includes gas cards, any initiative that includes cash or the equivalent is going to be a hit. Images: ”Friendly businessman writing the word Productivity and a rising arrow  / Shutterstock.com________________________________________________________________________________

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  • Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Jessica and a great first post. Employee happiness is so important or you won’t get much productivity at all – in fact if they really are unhappy in their jobs it can work negatively against your company. Keeping a happy team is paramount to your business. I look forward to your next post.

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