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Business Power Tools – Successful DIY For Your Business

The difference between hanging a picture up using a manual screwdriver and an electric screwdriver can mean suffering blisters, or not. It can mean one hour of hard labour (for some) or one minute! It can mean a cracked screw head, or not. So why do we spend all that time and resource doing a job that a convenient tool can do for us using a fraction of the time and resources? Well I will let you answer that one for yourself and meanwhile let’s look at a few simple approaches we can take to our business that provide a bit of TLC, DIY style!

A Power Tool is by nature, and by science, a very powerful implement. Using a Power Tool is utilising a technique for greatly simplifying a complex or difficult task. It can also make ease of a tedious or time-consuming task. Let’s check out some of the Power Tools we can apply to our business, as we recognise certain areas of improvement.

The Angle Grinder

The Angle Grinder is a small but deadly tool. Relative to its size, it makes a hell of a lot of noise, can do some serious damage if not utilised properly and with proper care. The Angle Grinder sits quietly until needed, and once plugged in, you better be ready for the power of this tool.

Investors and others who invest time or resources into our business are quietly sitting until called upon. So when you contact your investment partner (or bank perhaps) you must be prepared for the onslaught that pursues. Have your plan in place and know exactly what you need to achieve once the power is switched on, as it may to too late to consider putting on the safety gloves once this tool unleashes its energy.

The Table Saw

The largest Power Tool we will need for some major TLC for our business is the Table Saw. We use the table saw to cut, shape and trim the supporting beams and flooring of our business. Perhaps a supporting beam or joist in the business needs replacing or updating. If we do not maintain these aspects of the business, it will eventually crumble down around the fancy paintwork and fixtures.

This could be a basic funding issue, or ensuring the VAT or accounts are submitted on time. It could be sourcing and securing the services of the core partners who will help us drive our business forward. Web developers, Accountants, Solicitors, Business Coaches and Training Partners all help us build our business from the foundation up.

The Power Drill

The Power Drill is a double use wonder. We can use it to drill holes, or fill those holes with screws, depending on the attachment. Such a versatile tool, it helps us undo things, rebuild things and create new things. And the key here is speed. I remember my husband drilling a 6 inch hole in a double cavity wall to install an extractor outlet in our kitchen. With the power drill it took a whole weekend to complete both sides. Imagine that job without power? It can be done (think of Pyramids in Egypt) but where we lack the resources for “muscle power” we make up for with the more cost effective power drill. When something needs installing in your business, or perhaps repairing, a Business Coach can be worth their weight in gold (perhaps not literally), and speed up a recovery process or empower the business owner to quickly and effectively make the required changes.

The Router

Sometimes aesthetics just matter! Sometimes we need to spend resources on the finer things of life, and business. The quirky business cards, the quality letter heads, the PR event next week, these are all important aspects of managing and driving our business. For some it may seem unnecessary, even vain perhaps, but etching the finer curves and angles on the framework of our business can help it look more attractive to a prospective client.

The Jigsaw

The Table saw has allowed you to prepare the fundamental aspects of your business. And no tool kit should be without the wonderful Jigsaw. When we need a more guided cutting made, or a curved shape cut into one of the larger structures, this is where the Jigsaw shines through.

The Sander

Have you ever run your fingers across a table in a restaurant or coffee shop, and pick yourself up a splinter? Ouch! What’s the point in having beautiful wood with elegant curves and paintwork, when it becomes such an unpleasant experience, and all we remember is the emergency first aid while trying to enjoy our glass of Grenache? Sand down those edges of your business, pay attention to the finer details, ensuring your customer experience is the best experience they can have when interacting with your business.

But of course, no power tool should be used without protective clothing, goggles and first reading the operating manual. Imagine our manual being like the Business Plan for our business. We need to go back to the Business Plan to read and understand how our tools operate safely and with the required support. Perhaps some hardware needs addressing, or beams need strengthening. Perhaps it is just some decorative work that is required.

And of course, a DIY job should never be taken on alone! Cups of tea, measuring tape, level and a sharpened pencil are paramount. Share with us below the Power Tools you have in your Business Toolbox…

Image: “power drill closeup/Shutterstock

Elaine Rogers is a Business Trainer, Coach and Writer. She takes pain away. She helps soothe the rough and tumble of running a business through education, information and coaching. And a bit of entertainment. Elaine hangs out at The Smart Train She provides online training and coaching solutions in the areas of MS Office Skills, Business Skills, and Soft Skills. She also provides exclusive content for her ever growing email list.

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  • Elishbul

    This will go down well with the cabinet makers, crafters and makers on my Furniture & Home Accessories Fair Page! its in their Langauge!

  • Tori Hawthorne

    I love the analogies Elaine… 
    For me its a pencil. My Pencil is my most powerful tool it helps me remember everything and allows me to erase and make changes ;)Great postTori

  • Analogies and Metaphors work wonders and are completely subjective – in that they mean something specific to each individual. I love the playfulness of metaphors and the analogies used in this post are also close to my own DIY experiences!!
    Thanks for sharing Elish and I hope that the post will reach some unusual audiences 🙂

  • Liz Barron

    I love it Elaine – my dad’s a retired cabinet maker so am impressed with your “toolkit”! For me, my tool of  choice is the Spirit Level, great for making sure you get the balance right…
    Great post !

  • And a “sharp” pencil is even more effective 🙂 a good DIYer will always have one behind their ear – thanks for sharing Tori

  • I am really really smiling to myself Liz, I purposely left out the spirit level and for a funny reason – when we renovated our old house, we used a level. Strangely, nothing was actually level! We discovered years later that particular level had a “roving” level and could be adjusted at will. #fail.
    So we bought a new bigger and more expensive level. We then found a level hindered our success rather than helped us. So for the old house with few straight lines and level surfaces, some imagine was required.I find this appropriate for certain elements of our businesses :)Balance is important, and it’s how we achieve that balance I feel is very significant. Thanks for reading and sharing Liz, I am smiling today :

  • You’re the master of analogies, Elaine! 🙂

  • LOL Niall. They come and go…

  • The mention of power tools certainly caught my attention when browsing my RSS feed. Love how you blend the tools with business practices!

  • Hi Marshall,
    I aim to please, but mostly I aim to do something differently. I love analogies and feel they extend the power of an idea or the written word to a wider audience, exactly as you described 🙂

    I love the fact you interview small businesses. We have a similar community here in Ireland called the #SMEcommunity and the guys interview SMEs on radio and record podcasts in between. Will you venture into audio and visual?

    Thanks for stopping by, have a look at some of my earlier Bloggertone posts for more analogies (mostly about birds!)

  • Hi Elaine,

    I have considered venturing into doing video interviews, but that is down the line. I am not sure how well that will work with the typical entrepreneur, who might not be equipped to jump on Skype (or some other service) and do a video interview via webcam. It would be easier to do in person, but that would really limit me to who I could interview.

    Something to consider, but I am just trying to perfect the interview via email for now. Just getting started…

  • Anonymous

    Elaine, great spirit in the analogies, and the illustrations are compelling.  Your creativity works wonders.  Keep them coming.  

  • Thank you kindly Warren – they don’t come out often these days, so perhaps I need to do a few more of these style posts 🙂
    A bit of creative fun know no bounds!

  • Yes Marshall,
    I appreciate what you are saying, and bearing in mind would-be entrepreneurs need to embrace all aspects of promotion, marketing and online interaction. Such is the nature of entrepreneurism 🙂

    Sites like yours can help them accomplish that without heavy use of resources. I believe video is the future both in personal and business circles. Youtube is used as a search engine (in particular to find videos of funny cats) and don’t forget we are inherently curious, especially to see how others behave and look.
    It is certainly worth considering for the near future

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  • Thank you very much for featuring my article in top 10 articles of January 2015 ! I am really glad that your readers like my article and sharing it ! Looking forward to share some more knowledge on Tweak Your Biz platform !

    Thanks again for mention !

  • Congratulations Niraj and thank you for the comment and the article of course 🙂

  • Congratulations Sian and there was never any doubt with that monster 🙂

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