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Social Recruitment: What Is The Future?

Social recruiting has taken the US by storm and most recruiters in that part of the world now believe this is a revolution that has come to stay as part of the industry. The same can be said for the UK and some parts of Europe. Coming closer home to Ireland, we can see that recruiters and candidates are beginning to understand the value of social recruiting in today’s market. This is why sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook will continue to grow in this market.

In the recruitment industry we are sure of the following:

1.       People will always look for new jobs.

2.       Companies will always hire staff.

3.       The job market will continue to evolve.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are global sites used for social recruiting by recruiters in different countries and it works. But a new trend is slowly emerging in some countries where localized sites are driving the social recruiting efforts. I am not saying that they are not using LinkedIn or other social media portals but the local sites are being embraced by the local users in various countries and to  an extent in regions.

For example, one of the most popular social recruiting site in Poland is This trend is growing across Europe and Ireland is no different.

Social recruitment sites will continue to grow in the industry due to the following reasons:

  1. People are now using social recruiting or networking sites to find jobs.
  2. Recruiters can engage in conversations with candidates and clients easier.
  3. Companies want to know what the job market is saying about their brand.
  4. We all want to share content with our candidates and clients.
  5. More companies want to respond to questions quickly for a stronger effect on candidate experience.
  6. It reduces costs and we can measure the increase in our ROI.
  7. Recruiters can now follow the growth and development of candidates they would not have been able to keep tabs on in the past.

In Ireland, various community sites are making it easier for job seekers to know what is happening in the market and become savvier when looking for jobs.

My view is that we will have localised social recruiting sites that will become the hub for recruiters to find more people, for companies to brand themselves, engage with their audience and the general working public to network with the industry.  This concept is here to stay.

H0w do you think the  industry can benefit from social recruiting?

I am a seasoned professional with international management experience and a social media addict.

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  • Recruitment and many other industries will be invaded by the social wave…
    It’s interesting I’m reading this post today, I guess I have a perfect and creative example on how recruitment agencies are getting smarter with social networks.
    Yesterday in Techcrunch there was a post about a German agency that used Facebook Places to create “Places” for the competitors and leave messages like “First! Want to join? Check in at, we are hiring.” Very creative. The article is called: “Stealthiest recruitment campaign yet? Agency makes Facebook Places land grab before launch”

  • Great post John. Yeah I think Social Recruitment is very evident, like the amount of Tweets I see coming through advertising different jobs, etc is crazy. I think the days of searching through the newspaper for a job is starting to disappear. However it does depend on the sector of work 🙂 Nice one . . .

  • Hi John, I think most recruiters now realise that social media can become a potent tool for recruitment, that being said many appear to be simply treating like a jobs board, I suppose old habits will die hard. One of the things that I like about social media & recruitment is that I think we will end up with more candidate centric recruitment practices which can only be a good thing. I love Fred’s example 🙂

  • John Kamara

    Thanks for the post fred, its amazing and very interesting how the landscape of recruitment is changing with social media.

  • Anne engages with technology when she can see a real benefit and really puts effort into planning and execution. Her hard work has been rewarded in the cloud. Thanks Niall.
    ~ Helen

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