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Your Personal Development

Personal Development is my 7th BOOM! Business Discipline (taken from my bookBOOM!: 7 disciplines to control grow and add impact to your business”)

It is the discipline that may determine your ultimate success.  The success of every business begins and ends with the attitude and drive of the person at the top.

All business success begins with high energy and enthusiasm driven by personal motivation and a willingness to learn, develop and change.  Business growth depends on it.  Unless you feel fully committed, care about what you are doing and have the energy to run the company, your business journey is likely to become an uphill struggle.

You need to plan for personal development – personal growth comes about only if you are aware that it is necessary – many people who are unhappy with aspects of their business life are slow to realise that they will need to change something that is familiar in order to transform discomfort into personal happiness and fulfilment.

Making time for your own personal development can be a challenge when commercial considerations seem more pressing; but it is important to have other things in your life to balance your focus on work and business.  The rewards will be personal as well as financial; the benefits will be for others as well as you.  The professionals that you need to consult, concerning whether you’ve got the balance right, are those who know you best – your friends and family.

  • You are the future of your business – so look after yourself with the same degree of care as you provide to your customers
  • Pay attention – be aware of your levels of productivity.  If you are achieving less than you could and you are losing your sense of joy in work – then it’s either time for a holiday or time to change the way you are working
  • Stay healthy – your health is important – to your staff, your family and your livelihood
  • Keep in touch – with other people in your industry, with friends, former colleagues and customers.  It can be lonely at the top – but only if you isolate yourself.  You can share ideas and solutions to problems without giving away your company secrets.
  • Stay open-minded – only you can know what truly works for you.  To parents who are struggling to juggle parenthood with the needs of their work, I say make no assumptions about your ideal work-life balance until you’ve tried different ways of living.  Discover your own ideal – taking into consideration time and finances.

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  • Thanks for your comments Niall. Knowing how to segment is vital for conversions and holding interest. They can apply to promotions, monthly ezines, SMS messaging and social media.

  • Hi Fred,nnSegmentation has overtaken mass marketing. The targeted approach is optimal, but takes much more time. We have to research which groups are worth targeting.nnSean O’Sullivan and I had a discussion on my FB page as to why people target and how it makes your readers feel valuable. They’re more ‘switched on’ and likely to convert.nnThanks for your thoughts!

  • How timely this is. I’ve been niching down inside an existing niche I am currently researching and this gets posted, lol. As some of the top people in the marketing industry say, it’s better to have ten really good targeted repeat customers then one hundred general customers who many or may not buy from you.

  • Hey Mairead….Isn’t it great when you find something that matches what you’re working on, and how targeted is that! Come on over to my facebook page and ask any questions customers are more loyal because you’ve sussed out their needs. You’re giving them exactly what they want. Its easy to switch off if a topic doesn’t interest us, but when we find one that does, we can’t help but sit up and take notice.nnThanks for commenting ; 0 )

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