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Personal Branding – “Who are you?” A poem by Oscar Wilde

OWLittle white lie as I’m the poet and not Oscar Wilde. As we speak the Dublin City Council have a kango hammer removing his statue in Merrion Square to replace it with mine. Last week I reached for my quill and dipped it into the ink. A mist of inspiration and creativity descended and I started to write a poem. Ok enough of that – what actually inspired the poem? Dan Schawbel is a leading Personal Branding Expert in the US and he posted a discussion on LinkedIn – “Can you sum up your brand in 1-3 words?” I delivered my answer in poem format. You can read this masterpiece below and I will explain all later. (Don’t worry Fred & Facundo the poem is still classified as unique content for Google :-))

Paul Mullan (by Paul Mullan)

Challenge from Dan to communicate my brand in three
A simple task posing great difficulty for me
I don’t think three words can truly tell who we are
As my brand is complex like Pandora in the movie Avatar

I am passionate and energetic but my words could be lies
When you meet me these qualities will be hard to disguise
I am funny, I laugh and I love what I do
I’m about helping people be happy in work too

I am creative, risk taking, full of ideas on a plate
To help increase visibility and opportunity generate
I encourage, I guide and help overcome fears
To help you take action to land dream careers

My personality is part of what makes my brand unique
But its matched by knowledge which is both wide and deep
Dan’s not happy coz I overshot the word runway by miles
So my brand in three words “Generating Career Smiles”

This poem was me having a bit of fun but like all my fun there is a serious message too.

Personal Marketing (AKA Personal Branding) is important for everyone whether you are self-employed or an employee. How we market ourselves to others is a key ingredient for career success. Self Marketing effectiveness requires the ability to understand ourselves and communicate our message clearly and consistently. Most people can’t define their brand full stop never mind in 1-3 words. I found it hard to put “me” into three words and this is why I went for the poem. It is time that people started thinking about branding especially if you agree with my view “Permanent Jobs for Life – RIP”. It is important that we all do Dan’s exercise but perhaps without the tight word limit.

There was actually more to writing this poem than just answering Dan’s question. Writing the poem sums up my mantra “activity, creativity and visibility” and ensures that I walk what I talk. Opportunities present themselves to those who go after them.

As always your comments make the world go round and I would love to hear your thoughts and views. For those feeling a bit more risky and up for some fun I am offering you a soap box to tell other readers about you and your brand. It can be 3 words, a paragraph, a poem, a limerick or a story to tell us how you see your brand or more importantly how others to see your brand.

Paul Mullan is an experienced career and outplacement professional with 14 years experience working within careers, outplacement and recruitment in the UK & Ireland. He is a former owner of Eden Recruitment and founder of career firm Measurability in 2006. Paul has delivered outplacement programmes for many leading organisations and ran graduate career workshops for leading third level institutions. He has worked with many individuals helping them define and achieve career goals through creative approaches to personal marketing and job hunting. Paul integrates traditional strategies with new Web 2.0 strategies to deliver optimum results. He is known for his up to date, creative and friendly approach to delivering career solutions. Paul is a recognised career professional regularly commenting on career related topics in the national media. He has acted as Career Doctor with Irish Independent and he is currently an online career expert with RecruitIreland.

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  • Master piece Paul! Very cool post. I guest the three words that describe Channelship are: consistency, technology and creativity.

  • Hey Paul, well done. We didn’t know about your literary skills 🙂 As for Bloggertone, I guess people will decide in time whether “Talking about business” should mutate. As for the authors in Bloggertone, maybe we should add a field in each bio for the authors to define themselves in three words… You got me thinking there 😉

  • Excellent Paul, it’s definitely more interesting than the usual answers that you get to the same question. A tall challenge to be met…

  • Brilliant Paul! Love it

  • Anonymous

    @Fred @Facundo @Paul @Lindsay – Thanks for the comments guys much appreciated.

  • Class. What a great way of getting your brand across! I am not feeling creative so will need to take stock before adding a line or two!

  • Great post Paul!

    When you mentioned the Avatar… I just realised one can actually create multiple online brands for him / herself. It is like using different Avatars really. Online world lets us do it. In fact, most of us do it in some shape or form.

    Online you are maturing your professional brand, in your spare time it is more Warkraft or Call of Duty kind of orientation. 🙂

    Then again – you can actually have multiple brands online (in Google) as well. Takes time to ‘mature’ them individually, but you can apply what works or one to the other – sort to speak.

    Why would you do it?

    Imagine you do two types of work? For your online branding – it might be necessary to brand yourself differently. Imagine you are a Career Consultant and a Guitar player ‘at night’? Surely you would want to separate hte two brands completely?! Still you would want to utilise the web to brand yourself – both of your skills – as separate brands?

    What do you think?

    If the answer is YES,…. should one see the doctor immediately?

    Is that actually medical state called Split Personality?

  • Anonymous

    You proved your brand: “Generating Career Smiles”

  • Anonymous

    @Barney – I am patient and will wait for you 🙂

    @Ivan – I will book you an appointment with the doctor immediately 🙂

    @Una – Thanks Una

  • “Generating Career Smiles” Cool! makes me feel good :)….Lets have a go

    Me : Go Get Results

    Bloggertone: Bringing Business Together

  • Anonymous

    @Niall – You are always up for the challenge – very good!! I will be expecting your 5 line Limerick by the morning though – give you the night to think about it 🙂

  • My creative powers are just simply not up to yours but gave the Limerick a go!

    I like to bring simplicity,
    To make project management for you and me,
    It’s too over-complicated,
    Its use in most businesses negated,
    When we need it to operate efficiently!

  • Anonymous

    Fair play Barney – Helping prove Ireland is a place of Poets & Scholars 🙂

    Have a good weekend


  • Excellent!

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