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New Year’s Revolution

I have decided that New Year’s Resolutions are out this year. In these challenging times I have decided to launch a New Year’s Revolution this year. Christmas is truly a super time to reflect and celebrate the successes of 2009. But now the presents have been handed out, the turkey eaten and mince pies are no more, I turn my attention to 2010. Rather than pick one or two things to focus on or give up. I am going to build a strategy for success.  I am writing my goals this year in detail and intend to read them every week. I have decided to break my goals into three areas- 1st Quarter, Half Year and 1 year goals.

Keep your Fireworks going throughout 2010

Keep your Fireworks going throughout 2010

As I put pen to paper a few learnt lessons of the past come to mind:

  1. Write all your goals in the positive. It will make your goal sound better and you will be more likely to achieve it. We are not good at understanding negative commands.
  2. Write your goals down in as much detail as possible. Like a book the more detail and descriptive your goals the more real and tangible they will seem.
  3. Schedule 30 minutes a week to read and address your goals. Many people would advice that you read your goals daily. Many people’s downfall is here…Out of Sight..Out of Mind!
  4. Make sure you have goals in all areas of your life and not just business. Look at areas of your life such as Health, Relationships, Family, Money and Education. Sometimes tunnel vision in one area of life can cause conflict in another area.
  5. Write your goals in the present tense. This one was a rule I had a hard time getting my head around.  “I am” is one of the most powerful phrases one can use. Writing your goals in the present tense make them seem real.
  6. Think Big and be ambitiousThe only place where dreams are impossible is in your own mind.- Emalie
  7. When committing goals to paper be aware that you are committing to the hard work needed to make them a reality – The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary -Vidal Sassoon.
  8. Make sure your Goals are really yours! Very often in life we can get swept away with peer pressure and set goals that we think we ought to rather than ones we genuinely want to achieve.
"Ideas without action are worthless."

"Ideas without action are worthless."

Finally, I have decided to write my goals in three different timescales – 1st quarter, 6 months and 1 year. Why? Well it helps me break my goals/tasks down into steps. I hope it will also help me to focus on the present and at the same time have my longer goals in mind. My goals and strategies needed to achieve my goals will no doubt change throughout the course of 2010. That is why it is vital that I invest in the time to visit and review my goals weekly. As Walt Disney once said – If you can dream it, you can do it. So what Revolution of success are you going to instigate? Thanks for reading my posts this year. I would like to wish you the best of luck achieving your goals and an extremely happy and successful 2010.

Greg is a Social Media trainer and workshop facilitator with the Digital Marketing Institute. He has also delivered lectures and short courses for leading organisations including SureSkills, and The Michael Smurfit Business School. Greg also works with the Ahain Group as a Social Business Consultant. He believes that in order to make social media work for your business you must have a clear business goal, a clearly defined strategy and make sure that everything you do is measureable. Specialities include: Social Media Training | Personal Branding |Social Business Consultancy | Social Strategy Workshops | Interview Techniques | Psychometric Profiling | LinkedIn Training | Facebook Training | Twitter Training | Blogging | Online Video and You Tube Training | Emerging Social Media (Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram, Google+ etc.) More information at: and

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  • Thanks for the kind wished Greg. I also wish you a great 2010.
    I like the way you’ve broken down the year. In addition to points 2 and 5, what could really help make this more attainable is to buddy up with a friend or other business colleague and go through the metrics or goals each week or month. This way, you have someone guaranteed that will kick your butt if you’re not on track 🙂

  • Hi Greg, thanks for the good wishes and the super posts. Best wishes and continued success in 2010, Cheers, Niall

  • Great post Greg. I was particularly drawn to the cartoon caption, “Ideas without action are worthless”. Unfortunately taking action is often the hardest part. My aim for 2010 is to seek ways to make ‘taking action’ the easiest part of the goal making process.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Greg

    Hope you had a great Christmas, it was my first in the sun & it was fabulous (I’m not missing the Dublin weather!)

    Love the way you’ve outlined clear points on how to achieve & be successful in working towards goals, very useful.

    I’ve found a great resource online with goal setting- where you can record your goals & see other people who have the same goals as you too- it’s a really supportive online community, you can even cheer each others goals & posts about how you’re achieving your goals: I’m sure you, or anyone wanting to bring their goals into reality will find it useful!

    Happy New Year


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comments and best wishes Fred, Niall, Brad and Claire.

    I hope you all had a super Christmas!

    Thanks for your link Claire and I delighted you are enjoying your Christmas in the sun.

  • Anonymous

    Happy New Year Greg! Great words! Any thoughts on adding to the strength of the new commitments by creating a group situation for discussion along the way?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Greg, I have been reading your 2010 resolutions re oalsand think it is fab, looking forward to your next workshop.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Nicola. Glad the post was of interest to you. Watch this space a follow up post will be published soon. Have a super 2010.

  • Anonymous

    Happy New Year Lewis.

    Love the idea of creating a group situation for discussion. Have been thinking along those lines and make an attempt to tackle your question in my next post.

  • Anonymous

    Good points to remember, Emma. But as Barney says in the post after yours, keeping your head on the sand is good sometimes!


  • Interesting post Niall and I agree with your comment here, I too try to be the same person online as I am offline, as you say behind every blog post and tweet there is a person, and each and every person is due the basic respect that we ourselves expect on both counts…..

  • Anonymous


    Truly, social media can be misused. It can be a hammer for those who are disatisfied with life and feel the need to “correct” us misguided types. It can be the illusion of a stage for wanna-be “rockstars.”

    People get when people are truly on the level. (Like you!) We can choose how much of our energy we are willing to give to others. We choose to be civil or not. At the end of the day, the Internet and social media are reflections of in-person interactions anywhere. (Don’t lose faith! Your engagement is a gift!)

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  • Hi Sian, This is advice all small business owners can do with right now, I’ve had my own problems with getting paid in the last twelve months. I think you’re point about showing understanding is well made, unfortunately many businesses and business people are in a similar position, in that they must first get paid before they can pay their debts. I also know that obtaining credit was suddenly made a lot more difficult by the financial institutions which has made things even more difficult. Great advice! Thanks for sharing, Niall

  • Nice one, Sian, nnI worked on Cash Collections for an outsourcing firm yonks ago u2013 from a process improvement perspective u2013 and one of the techniques that worked best was to send reminders with different levels of importance, eg if you donu2019t do this, the following will happen etc…nnOne pattern that emerged was that the more you u2018naggedu2019 with reminders u2013 especially hardcopies u2013 the faster the payments. nnFor self-employed folks this can be v time-consuming, which is why handing it over to specialist firms makes sense… and saves money. nnIvann

  • A very helpful post, Sian! I’ve experienced a few problem clients who commissioned work with really no intention of paying – it’s difficult and time-consuming but sticking to your guns shows clients, and often acts as a reminder to yourself, that your time and skills have a value. Having a formal agreement in place at the start, stating what work will be carried for what fee – inclusions and exclusions – clarifies expectations on both sides and makes for a stronger case if problems should arise. The most important thing to remember is not to get personal – especially if you are a sole trader and having to handle every part of the business yourself. Retrieving money may mean making your next mortgage payment or not, and frustration levels may be high, but it is important to always act from a place of professional detachment and integrity. As you say, it gives you the upper hand and ensures the discussion always stays on topic – even when being scrupulously polite, I’ve experienced clients who attempted to shift the goalposts in this way!

  • Good post Sian. Unfortunately some people such as tradesmen who run their own businesses often don’t work with invoices. This can make debt collection almost impossible if the person is unwilling to pay no matter how good the work is. Most of the time they are relying on simple good will.

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