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A letter to Santa Claus…..


My last post for 2009 and I want to make it seasonal while keeping with my general style of not taking myself to seriously :-). I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing. 2009 represented a tough year for most and it’s important to be positive moving into 2010 BUT let’s not forget the important lessons we learned from the past. This letter to Santa captures what I mean.

Dear Santa, Sorry I haven’t written to you in a quite a few years. Since my last letter much water has passed under the bridge. I’ve now got two young daughters myself and I am helping the eldest write her letter to you. Got me thinking about how much you and the whole Christmas experience brought to my life. The anticipation, excitement, time spent with the family and let’s not forget the wonderful toys. I now realise that these toys were more than bringing a smile to my face but to teach me important lessons about life. As I have grown older many of the lessons have been forgotten which means I struggle with some of the challenges that life throws.

The Bicycle – Do you remember the bicycle you brought me? Wow it was amazing. Took me a while to grow into it and I was very shaky taking quite a few falls. Those cuts and bruises didn’t stop me though and I kept getting back onto the saddle. I guess I was young and stupid and full of determination. As the years passed by that determination has dimmed and I have found it increasingly difficult to pick myself back up. I have given up to easy when my experiences from learning how to ride my first bike tell me it is never easy and persistence is required.

The Football – You knew I always loved sport and I was thrilled with the size 4 O’Neill’s football. I spent hours practicing in the garden and was always the first one up to the GAA training…
Done well though and got myself to play a decent level. Although I was blessed with ability I know that my success was down to hard work. Nowadays I forget that little is achieved without hard work. I feel that life owes me and I deserve better when in fact life owes me nothing and I must put in the effort and go get what I want. That football taught me that hard work is essential to achieve your goals.

The Barbie Doll – Better not mention this Santa as I will be posting this letter on the internet 🙂

I assume you will be calling at our house this year as you have never let me down in the past and I know the girls will expect you. I really don’t want any presents but rather that you help me regain the lessons and attitude I had as a kid so that – I pick myself up when I fall down or get knocked back, I never give up, I put in the effort to help me succeed, I remember that life owes me nothing, I believe in myself and I see obstacles as a challenge and not an excuse to give up.

Thanks Paul

Paul Mullan is an experienced career and outplacement professional with 14 years experience working within careers, outplacement and recruitment in the UK & Ireland. He is a former owner of Eden Recruitment and founder of career firm Measurability in 2006. Paul has delivered outplacement programmes for many leading organisations and ran graduate career workshops for leading third level institutions. He has worked with many individuals helping them define and achieve career goals through creative approaches to personal marketing and job hunting. Paul integrates traditional strategies with new Web 2.0 strategies to deliver optimum results. He is known for his up to date, creative and friendly approach to delivering career solutions. Paul is a recognised career professional regularly commenting on career related topics in the national media. He has acted as Career Doctor with Irish Independent and he is currently an online career expert with RecruitIreland.

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  • Paul, this brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. Absolutely love it! what a lovely way to remind us of what’s important.

  • Paul, an excellent post, and a very unique and memorable way to conveying these important messages. THANKS!

  • Fantastic post Paul. Love the angle. “The football” paragraph is really strong. I also agree 100% that nothing relevant can be achieved without significant effort. I wish more people understood that…

  • Anonymous

    @ Niall – It was never my intention to make grown men cry but nice that I connected with your sensitive side 🙂 Enjoy the chrimbo!!

  • Anonymous

    @ Frederique — Thanks for the nice comments – enjoy your Christmas

    @ Fred – Thanks for the comments – Some might argue it was a bit of an exaggeration on my ability in the footie – always had a high opinion of my skills 🙂 enjoy Xmas

  • Quote “I pick myself up when I fall down or get knocked back, I never get up,”
    Just to point out the typo there, looks like a contradiction.
    Otherwise, really enjoyed your post Paul, and beautifully penned.
    Brought me back to simple Christmases and the appreciation we had as youngsters. Going back to basics is often the shortcut to eliminating self limiting beliefs and “believe in myself and I see obstacles as a challenge and not an excuse to give up.”
    Thanks for sharing,

  • Anonymous

    Great Post Paul,
    I came to this via Linked In but have subscribed, look froward to reading your posts in 2010.
    Perhaps if we all faced the day with the focus “hunting for a job” we might just be more productive in the new year.


  • Anonymous

    @ Elaine – Thanks for this and well spotted. It should actually read “I never give up” and not “I never get up”. Glad you enjoyed – “I never get up” doesn’t make sense and defo not true for me because of two little people. Just asked BT team to change. Have a great christmas!!

  • Anonymous

    @DebraMatthews – Glad you liked the post – Wishing you a great 2010 and look forward to more posting!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Paul
    You really do have a fabulous attitude! Your posts have been entertaining and informative and a pleasure to read. The discussions seem to have been extremely useful to job seekers and other contributors in this arena. I would like to see more contributions from people who are having success – you have demonstrated a positive attitude can make a huge difference to the way you approach things – lets share the success and spread it around a bit! Happy Christmas to everyone and a prosperous, positive and successful 2010. Best wishes, Mandy

  • Anonymous


    Thanks a million for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the posts in 2009. Have a great Xmas and New Year 🙂


  • Thanks Mairead. I know it’s a real chore to get accounts in order – hate doing my own – but I hope this post helps make life a bit easier for some. I had a carpenter friend once and his idea of getting his accounts ready for the accountant was to get a box and empty his van out of all paperwork into the box

  • One of the biggest mistakes I made (or things I would change) was not getting an Accountant sooner.nnIt freed me up to do other things and he found ways to claw back over payments 🙂

  • Thanks for the comment Ivan. We do train for many years to know the trade and I always think it’s best to delegate to someone else what they are good at and then you can concentrate on your expertise.

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