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Job Hunting:Time to switch the lights on ….

Job hunting requires a substantial time investment especially in challenging job markets like the one we face today. I meet many jobseekers who cannot be criticised for their efforts as they invest huge energy into the pursuit of new employment. Having said this many of these fall down in the “working smart” category. I am not saying there is an easy route to sourcing a new job as I believe the harder you work the luckier you get. I am saying that if you are working hard you may as well work smart. It is time to switch on the lights to see what you are doing!!

Performance Monitoring

Most businesses have performance monitoring systems tracking things like employee performance product quality or marketing results. Why do they do it? It provides important feedback clearly outlining what is working and what is not. This feedback facilitates change and allows businesses tweak existing activity or do something different to achieve business objectives. Can performance monitoring help your job search? In a word YES! I preach the importance of recording and monitoring activity to all my clients everyday.

Job Hunting Log – Every good job search should have one

A job hunting log is a comprehensive record of all your job hunting activity including contact names and details, record of conversations, where your CV has been sent and job application status. It records performance and provides clarity to identify if interview skills, CV and (most important in the current climate) job search strategies are working for you. Let’s face it the biggest hurdle facing jobseekers is locating job opportunities. Recording job search strategies activity highlights where you should be investing more time and what approaches you need to change/tweak. The benefits of a job hunting log don’t stop there. Recording activity adds professionalism to your job search. It enables you to manage your relationships better and acts as a homemade CRM system. It also acts as a record of valuable names and contacts. You never know when you might need these again. Note: Worthwhile connecting with newly formed connections on Linkedin.

Start today …..

Implement a job hunting performance management system today. Records and analysis of your activity can help you achieve your job hunting goal quicker providing important feedback to navigate you through the stormy job market. Switch the lights on …..

Identifying job opportunities is a major topic and over the coming weeks I will explore job search strategies in more detail. Reactive strategies (agencies, newspapers and online jobsites) and proactive strategies (real world networking, online networking and speculative applications).

So what are your thoughts?

Paul Mullan is an experienced career and outplacement professional with 14 years experience working within careers, outplacement and recruitment in the UK & Ireland. He is a former owner of Eden Recruitment and founder of career firm Measurability in 2006. Paul has delivered outplacement programmes for many leading organisations and ran graduate career workshops for leading third level institutions. He has worked with many individuals helping them define and achieve career goals through creative approaches to personal marketing and job hunting. Paul integrates traditional strategies with new Web 2.0 strategies to deliver optimum results. He is known for his up to date, creative and friendly approach to delivering career solutions. Paul is a recognised career professional regularly commenting on career related topics in the national media. He has acted as Career Doctor with Irish Independent and he is currently an online career expert with RecruitIreland.

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  • Anonymous

    Elaine, building networking into one’s day, particularly for the lone worker as you describe, kills two birds with the one stone: 1) it provides a business opportunity to build one’s brand and name awareness while at the same time, giving one an element of social interaction.

  • Una,
    I completely agree – thanks for your comments. The real challenge is to ensure quality contacts and relationships are made without be overly “sociable” whilst maintaining a social element to the interactions. We need to be more vigilant about this in the weeks coming up to Christmas, when a lot of networking events will involve the consumption of alcohol and rich food.

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