Posts Tagged ‘Sugartone’ has grown significantly in the past year, developing a very strong business community. Hundreds of professionals have joined us already to “talk/blog about business” and there are many others to come. But why?

Sometimes in our professional life we get stuck doing things that we have always done, aren’t creative in our thinking or are just doing what everyone else is doing. STOP! Making your business the best…

In the first part of this post, I talked about how learning to play the bass guitar has parallels to developing one’s identity as a small business owner…

We often think of the real helpers as banks, enterprise boards, mentors, coaches, and they are always in our sights as we drive our new business out of the safety of our dreams into broad daylight.

If you are starting a business, or in the process of expanding, think of the silent partners helping you quietly propel your business and your confidence to the next level.

Online business professionals have to deal with issues which can have a huge impact on their success. Here’s a look at how a golden touch mindset can help you find the traction you need to move your business forward.

Decision point. We know that having a vision for your organisation is more than a fantasy of what the business could be. This is scary stuff to act on our desires. It sounds so grandiose…

Have you got an idea for a business or product that you think will Wow! everyone? Are you worried that you will put a lot of time and money into your idea and it will flop?

It’s an illusion to think we can progress, or even just play safe, by keeping behind the yellow line. We need to drive the passion and get over the logic, the resistance and the negativity that we may encounter – then use our minds to implement the resulting solutions.

Adam Smith, Father of Capitalism, set forth in the world the greatest experiment man has ever encountered. Smith was brilliant in his understanding of true human nature.

Are you a Crow or Magpie – big in size but the slightest movement will scare you off forever more?
Are you a Blackbird – spending all your time obsessed with wooing the ladies and staving off a single competitor?